Is there a soul damage meter?

Continuing with good and bad assumptions…

At the start of the “virus” hoaxocaust I assumed that the precise unison synchronization of NAZI TORTURE would continue. I assumed that Deepstate had blackmail power over ALL governors and mayors. This turned out to be partly false. Mayors were all NAZI, but sane governors in Dixie and Wheatland soon started to test the limits, and found that the Feds didn’t punish them for resistance. This pattern continued when the Trump puppet was “replaced” by the Biden puppet.

Finally the TSA abandoned TORTURE on April 28, 2022, effectively ending the whole monstrosity at the Federal level.  For now.  We have absolutely no reason to believe that it’s over.  As long as demons are in control, TORTURE is never  done.

= = = = =

The diverging governors created a long-lasting difference in economics and morale. Dixie and the wheat states returned to normal by about Oct 2020. The crazy states remained in full concentration camp mode until March 2022, fulfilling their two-year contracts.

The economic difference is showing up clearly in measures of jobs and recession. Dixie maintained its economy with very little pause, and then gained considerably from sane companies and sane workers who had the resources to move out of the NAZI zones.

= = = = =

We need a way to measure SOUL DAMAGE as well as economic damage. It’s clear that the citizens of sane states haven’t lost their sense of community and empathy, while the crazy places have dissolved into mutual hatred as intended by the demons.

As for my own mind and soul: I will never trust another human, and I will never believe any claims of “opposition” and “defending freedom”. Empathy? Fuck it. Moral obligation? You must be kidding. I’m going to take care of myself and do my job, and that’s ALL.

Measuring my mental exhaustion is harder because of age. I definitely used up a lot of creative energy in 2020, trying to output a barrage of spiritual counterforce against the NAZIS. Was this a real loss, or is it just part of aging? Hard to separate the two.

= = = = =

Is there a reliable way to survey and measure a broad loss of empathy and civic obligation in a city or state? “Voting” might come close. In places where all candidates and parties eagerly joined the NAZIS, only the rabid partisan idiots are still bothering to “vote”. In places where the governor DID HIS FUCKING JOB, defending his people against invasion and attack by both ordinary criminals and medical criminals, “voters” should be participating at a higher level and “voting” for the governor who DID HIS FUCKING JOB.

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