Rats leave sunk ship

Protos continues to track a semi-local connection to the Sammy story:

Moonstone Bank chief legal officer Joseph Vincent, a former top banking regulator, has left the financial firm, after being with the bank for just eight months.

Vincent joined Moonstone, one of the smallest banks in the country, which gained national attention late last year for its ties to FTX, in May 2022. Prior to joining Moonstone, Vincent spent 18 years as a top official in Washington’s Department of Financial Institutions, which is the state’s banking regulator. Vincent is also an adjunct legal professor at Seattle University School of Law, according to the school’s website.

It’s the same pattern at all levels, national and state and local. Sammy’s parents are law professors who already knew all the revolving-door regulators. Sammy didn’t have to cold-call the regulators, just as Elizabeth Holmes didn’t have to cold-call the top military officials.

Deepstate owns everything. Deepstate trains the lawyers, who then work for the official crime gangs and the fakely unofficial crime gangs at the same time. Everything works in perfect sync to enrich the rich and kill the poor.

It’s always interesting to see how ordinary people envision being rich. Pay off my debts, better house, better car, help friends. The rich don’t pay off debts. The rich CREATE debts and buy laws to insure that they will never have to pay anything at all. The rich force poor people into the debts that the poor people envision paying off.

Contra: Some of the federal regulators have started to do their jobs, which still surprises and amazes me. Fake anticoiners had been joining the rich coiners in proposing regulations that would LEGITIMIZE the fraud. Now the regulators are showing that EXISTING laws work just fine when you actually enforce them. This move pulls the LEGITIMIZE rug out from the fake anticoiners and the rich coiners.

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