I’m back to animations of embryonic development, after a brief break for Steinheil’s ground. Today I’m setting up a cochlea model and trying to match the shape changes with the actual timepoints.

We’ve got rain today, fortunately warm rain instead of snow or ice. Nice relief after a month of solid ice and cabin fever. Looking at the radar to find the back edge as usual, I noticed that the radar pattern was pretty much the same as the cochlear development pattern, complete with a cyclonic curl at one end and gaps matching the donut holes of the semicircular canals at the other end.

Random thought: Weather is shaped by curling fields, H and L cyclones driving conveyor belts of moisture. Is development driven by gene-purpose fields? Does the genome of the original zygote radiate a standing-wave charge pattern with wavefronts and curls and nodes at the points where organs and bones and ganglions need to precipitate?

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