More sensible lawsuit

A previous lawsuit relating to AI seems absurd and clearly serves a hidden purpose, which hasn’t been revealed yet. Thaler used AI as a tool to write a trivial patent, which was granted. Now he wants courts to treat the AI as the ‘inventor’ while Thaler is the ‘assignee’. Thaler can’t gain any money from this ruling, so he must be trying to create a legal steppingstone toward a larger and more tyrannical result.

This new lawsuit makes sense and is a rational use of the court system.

The plaintiffs are suing Microsoft, Github and OpenAI to halt the sucking and mixing of copyrighted work, especially artistic work.

Ideally I’d like to see the courts repeal the 1996 Disney intrinsic copyright law, and revert to the original scheme where each creator MUST explicitly register the work to receive legal protection. An artist or publisher who realistically expects to make money from a work would pay to register it as a rational bet against expected profit. Artists who don’t realistically expect profit would leave the work unregistered in the public domain, available for ordinary republishing or AI vacuuming.

Non-registrators would gain the advantage of leaving a legacy. Their work couldn’t be captured and killed by pirates. If the art is worth appreciating later, it would have a better chance of being preserved.

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