Similar oddity

Thinking about the oddity of Quisp, a mainstream product happily simulating UFOs and cheerfully treating UFOs as real for 60 years, while the government loudly maintained the opposite and sucked up all information that might prove reality.

Avi’s project is odd in the same way. He’s totally convinced that his comet is a remnant of a spaceship, and totally convinced that we’ve been signaled by ETs. He wasn’t able to get a grant for his project so he hugely advanced real science by crowdfunding it. When a major influencer switches away from grants, the world of science is vastly improved.

But Avi hasn’t been punished in any way for his contrariness. Failure to get a grant is not really punishment. Money is scarce and competition is fierce. Most proposals, even by famous profs, fail. He still has his rank and status, no hint of cancellation. He gets pushback on the scientific details from other commentators, but rather arrogantly rejects all feedback. (Not a proper scientific attitude.)

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, the UFO researchers often mentioned a similar mixed and confused response by Deepstate. The military has always clamped down HARD on all information, yanking it away from amateurs and classifying it. But at the same time, several high-ranking officers publicly stated that we were facing a real threat from ‘outside’, and we needed to acknowledge the reality. The amateur UFO fans (including famous astronomers like Clyde Tombaugh and Percy Wilkins) were disdained and mocked but not defrocked or jailed or suicided.

I guess the answer is a constant and a variable.

Constant: Secrecy is the default. Deepstate classifies and sucks up ALL information on ALL subjects.

Variable: You can measure a subject’s importance by the killcount. When Deepstate is serious, it tortures billions and slaughters millions. When it’s not serious, it sucks info and spews propaganda, but doesn’t torture or slaughter.

Conclusion: A vacuum cleaner is Deepstate for Dogs. A vacuum sucks up scent info from its proper logical locations, churns it into randomized chaos, and blows it out. Dogs hate this process, and we should learn from them.

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