Rall and secrecy

Ted Rall is a partisan idiot, reliably supporting DNC while pretending to be “independent”. In this column Rall makes a correct point for the wrong partisan reasons.

Rall’s point: 100% of government secrecy is unneeded and irrelevant. All the secrets of government could be truly revealed (not just fake revealed as we get from Deepstate) and nothing would change. Nothing would be better or worse for government or for us.

My usual point: Secrecy is constant. Secrecy is the natural default. Language was meant for encryption, not for communication.

Best point: SKILLS are innately and automatically secret. After you’ve spent years perfecting a skill to accomplish a purpose, or after an organization has spent years perfecting its ability to work together to accomplish a purpose, revealing FACTS or WORDS about the skill is irrelevant. The facts and words won’t help a competitor to master the same skill. The competing business or country still has to go through the years of practice and adaptation.

Instead of focusing on documents and facts, we should do better blackboxing. We should watch the demons and try to determine their future intentions so we can protect ourselves as much as possible…. AND we should keep our detection skill secret.

= = = = =

The nuclear bomb was the starting point and “justification” for Deepstate’s ever-increasing clampdown.

AND: The A-bomb is also the perfect example of the innately secret skill. We published the process in September 1945, in a brief hangover of FDR’s blessed sanity before Deepstate smashed the world again.

Despite the publication, and despite the already-known Russian spies in Los Alamos, and despite our assistance to the Russian nuclear program during the war, Russia took several years after 1945 to develop its own bomb.

More importantly, other countries took DECADES to develop their own bombs.

Other fission weapons, the “EMP bomb” and the “terrorist dirty bomb”, are constantly hammered as “threats” by Deepstate, but NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED AT ALL. NEVER.**

The process is extraordinarily complex and expensive, and every stage must be done correctly. Uranium is a trace element in some mineral deposits. It takes an immense amount of machinery and time and experience to gather and refine enough U235 for a bomb. The machines are not commercially available, and the process is so large that it’s easy for enemies to detect.

= = = = =

** Big footnote: This is a universal and absolute rule. Every threat advertised by Deepstate is mythical. Commie subversives, nuclear energy, Islamic terrorists, alt-white terrorists, “climate”, and “virus”. Some of these things exist, but none of them are dangerous. All actual threats to civilization are created and funded and organized by Deepstate. ALL.

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