Seems like a mismatch

The bitcoin scammers are still running at full speed with no obvious change or decline in their strategy, despite constant public news that the entire criminal enterprise is collapsing from lack of free QE and also being taken down by regulators.

Medium is still packed with obvious MLM crap like this:

We now proudly announce that NFT3 is launching the ISME Referral Program, a straightforward and rewarding system designed to grow our community to the nextlevel.
With our referral program and the claim/registration reward, you will be able to claim your $ISME reward by simply becoming a .isme domain holder. And once you become one, you can start to receive rewards if you successfully invite people to NFT3 to complete the .isme domain claiming process.

These MLMs for men are especially out of place at the ferociously woke Medium. Normally the bitcoin MLM goes along with an atmosphere of cultural and scientific realism on all issues EXCEPT bitcoin, designed to attract alienated men. Medium’s algorithm AGGRESSIVELY kicks out realists on gender and climate and “virus”. There’s a constant stream of sane writers moving to Substack and leaving their bitter farewells as a warning to others.

I suppose the scammers are just spewing out cheap AI-generated verbiage everywhere and anywhere, without worrying about appropriate environments.

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