Eric Holloway has been cleverly ‘interrogating’ AI chatbots, and he’s pretty sure that they are using actual humans as backups. It’s hard to prove from the internal evidence, because the AI could have been programmed to run the usual Deepstate hall of mirrors.

Now it’s proved. OpenAI is running boiler rooms of Kenyans at slave wages.

This throws a delightful wrench in the hype of the tech tyrants who are pushing AI as the ultimate “freedom” and “leisure”. Like old-fashioned aristocratic “leisure”, it’s just a new way to underpay and overwork humans in the usual enslaved places, who are gaining new skills at the expense of the obliterated western countries. Africa will have the last laugh.

And not incidentally, BRAVO to Time Mag for doing some real journalism that won’t please the Tech Masters. Are we seeing the first sign of a shift in the techtonic plates?

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