Be careful what you wish for

When RFK jr started organizing around the vaccines, I was instantly suspicious. As I repeated endlessly, vax is a proper part of public health, while strangulation and imprisonment are proper parts of war and crime and mass murder.

When you see a Good Part / Bad Part separation, it means the Bad Part is going to be sacrificed as a ‘getter’ to purify and legitimize the Good Parts.

So far I haven’t heard or seen anything to change my suspicions. Anti-vax is quickly being mainstreamed, while the ‘independents’ have completely forgotten about the genuinely CRIMINAL parts of the monstrosity.

BBC has ALLOWED someone to cover their front windows with stickers of ‘sudden deaths’, all attributed to the vax. BBC doesn’t ALLOW nonapproved ideas on its air or on its building. BBC has a huge staff of editors and janitors who are always ready to remove nonapproved ideas.

Heart attacks and cardiac failure have many causes. Constant fear and panic and sleep deprivation keep the adrenaline level high, overworking the heart. Rebreathing your own CO2 inside a ballgag has the same effect.

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Incidentally or not, the appeals court is finally going to rule on the TSA strangulation edict this week. (I was fooled by vague reports of other rulings back in October. This one is the real thing.) One commenter who seems to be legally savvy thinks the court will play the narrow game, allowing future strangulations provided TSA fills in the proper blanks on the “legal” forms.

This is only marginally relevant now. TSA wasn’t influenced by “laws” when it strangled the country, and it wasn’t influenced by “laws” when it paused the strangulation on April 28, 2022. It paused because the airlines,


threatened to kick TSA out of their terminals if it continued strangling their passengers and employees.

Demons don’t use “laws”. Demons pause when their energy source is endangered by a larger power.

Ignore words. Watch behavior.

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