The one time we broke Parkinson

Demonic bureaucracies can’t be “reformed” or “investigated”. They must be deleted.

Back in 2016 I was trying to figure out how Wilson’s demonic bureaucracies were removed. His US Food Administration and US Shipping Board controlled a large section of the economy in a precise way that sounds mighty familiar now, with good old Phases and SubPhases. The Food Admin caused the Dust Bowl by subsidizing and mortgaging bad farmers on bad land.

I didn’t find the answer then, but it’s still worth exploring. Most of the federal monstrosity needs to be deleted, leaving only the mechanical parts like IRS and SS and Post Office. Needless to say, the pussy-ass Repooflicans want the exact opposite. They want to eliminate IRS so Bezos can nonpay even LESS ZERO TAXES than he now nonpays, and they hate the PO for some inscrutable pussy-ass reason.

Here’s one piece from 2016.

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I’m still trying to figure out how and why Wilson’s globalism halted quickly after Wilson was gone, while Truman’s globalism continues expanding even after it no longer serves a purpose. The latter is normal default Parkinsonian behavior for bureaucracies. The former is wildly abnormal and needs an explanation.

Wilson created vast bureaucracies in shipbuilding and food, both of which expanded massively to cover pretty much all business in the USA. Both were gone by 1920. Folded up and went home.

This collection of rulings and regulations by the US Food Administration shows the vast expansion toward perpetuity. The last section was written in mid-October 1918. Not even a hint that Armistice was approaching.


Oct 15, just three weeks before Armistice. Extending their power to cover all restaurants and dining cars, with mandatory orders covering each type of food, with exemptions for certain forms of sandwiches, and exemptions to the exemptions for poached eggs on toast or shit on a shingle…. etc, etc, etc.

Herbert Hoover, champion globalist and Leninist, was in charge of this monstrosity. Why did he give it up?

A look at Harding’s admin doesn’t help. Most of this stuff was repealed or canceled just before the 1920 election. Harding pulled occupation troops out of Europe but didn’t seem to play a part in cranking down the bureaucracy.

As abovementioned, the Army was operating on the opposite set of assumptions. Our counterproductive “nation-building” in Russia was structured on a postwar basis BEFORE Armistice. We were working with Czechoslovak troops, named as such, before the Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved. Clearly the Army had a more realistic picture of the real schedule and the real outcome.

Contrast with the endgame of WW2, where the Army AND the regulatory bureaucrats knew in February that the war would be over in August.

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Since then I looked more closely at Harding and gave him more credit, but the fact remains that Congress was taking down those agencies before Harding was inaugurated. Why did Congress break Parkinson? Who led the movement?

Another “event” that seems mighty familiar, and would be worth comparing more closely, is the 1918 flu epidemic which started at Fort Riley. The 2020 “epidemic” was also a military project.

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