Charlie sweeps out the trash

King Charles is starting out strong. He has literally evicted Andrew from all royal palaces and offices and titles and honors.

No American politician has ever kicked out an Epstein agent, because “both” “parties” are totally owned by Epstein. All of the recent “presidents” have been openly and proudly associated with the Epstein Blackmail Factory. Trump’s Florida mansion was the headquarters of the Factory soon after Roy Cohn bequeathed Trump to Epstein.

Traditionally the British monarch stands above and beyond the scheming of partisans and blackmailers. Elizabeth was weak in this department. Charles is asserting the traditional power in a way that will help to disentangle Britain from the monster.

= = = = =

Later and smarter thought: We are required to focus on the sexual aspect of Epstein’s Factory so we’ll miss the main point. Blackmail and political power are the PRODUCTS. Sex is only the TOOL or the ASSEMBLY LINE for the PRODUCTS. Deepstate uses many tools to shape people into slaves.

I can’t read Charles’s mind, but he certainly knows the history of previous royal “sexual” problems vastly better than we do. He knows that Edward VIII was forced to resign because Wallis Simpson was a Kraut agent, not because she was an illicit sex partner. Epstein’s slaves belong to Epstein’s network and do what Epstein wants. They are disloyal to Britain by definition.

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