Guilds returning?

Since 2015 I’ve been bitching about the total lack of guild spirit. Every single profession eagerly joined first the partisan inquisition of Trump, and then the “virus” NAZI TORTURE concentration camp. NOBODY tried to enforce or encourage the supposed ethics of professionalism.

Now we’re seeing some scattered exceptions. The securities regulators are pursuing bitcoin scammers of BOTH political types, not just the Repooflicans. Antitrust regulators are pursuing the big tech monsters, who belong to the same party as the bureaucrats.

The peculiar search for classified documents in the hands of presidents began as the expected partisan crap, solely aimed at Trump. But then the same agencies started going after Biden, and now the National Archives is promising a full bipartisan enforcement.

I think the issue is silly, partly because all classification is unnecessary, and partly because top executives genuinely need maximum access to information. But silly or not, it’s another restoration of professionalism.

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