Truly effective altruism

The brand name of EA is just a fake philosophical way of “justifying” theft and murder. Gangsters steal money from peasants and give it to their buddies, and gangsters KILL massive numbers of peasants to appease the Climate Gods.

The FTX bankruptcy trustee is GENUINELY and EFFECTIVELY altruistic. Justice by recompense is real altruism. Government takes the money BACK from the fake philosopher gangsters and gives it BACK to the people who lost it.

The latest clawback is Sammy’s party house in DC where he wined and dined** legislators and regulators with million-dollar meals. He was trying to sell the house, and now the trustee has seized it.

Justice by recompense used to be the default in old England, and it’s still the default in sharia. When money was taken out of the process, justice was replaced by a ritual mechanism that does no good for victims.

= = = = =

** Reminds me: The old historical vignettes by Ripley and Hix often dramatized wild excesses by Roman emperors and ancient monarchs. Emperors spent millions on every meal and casually destroyed entire populations on a whim. One ancient queen had a toothache. As prescribed by her priest, she killed 25,000 peasants to cure the toothache. The modern “public health” priests do EXACTLY the same thing.

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