Goal achieved

Well, it looks like Sammy’s social engineering won the whole prize. Regulators and legislators and JPMorgan and Goldman are all going full speed into “blockchain”. Bribery and blackmail always work nicely.

The fake “anticoiners” like David Gerard and Molly White also won. I hope they appreciate their billion-dollar rewards.

Classic case of the Machiavellian two-sided squeeze play. Basic result: A new way to enrich the rich and kill the poor. Bonus: A new way to destroy science and logic and real math and real computer programming.


When I first learned about bitcoin (probably via Max Keiser in 2014) I knew it was a Deepstate device, but I didn’t see the ultimate goal. “Satoshi” created this perpetual motion machine at the same time as TARP, which helps to clarify the purpose.

2008 made one class of supercomplex superabstract financial chicanery unfashionable, so the bank branch of Deepstate needed a new class of supercomplex superabstract financial chicanery. TARP/QE/ZIRP sustained the banks while they gradually social-engineered the new type. As soon as it was ripe for harvest, QE/ZIRP was turned off.

The only remaining question is the fate of Sammy and his associates. His accomplices can be released easily enough since they snitched. Jailing Sammy would make the system look more “logical”, but it would also punish the founder of the new financial regime.

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