Never give the sucker a choice.

Yahoo just featured the “presidential” campaign of Nikki Haley, playing her first TV ad. Theme: MORE WAR!

Why? Leaving aside the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, there’s an actual difference between Trump and other recent presidents on the subject of imperial aggression. Starting in 1990, every president except Trump started a new pointless unwinnable permanent war every year. Trump DIDN’T start any wars. Biden resumed the normal pattern.

Warmongers already have their candidate. They don’t need a choice of two warmongers.

This is parallel to 2012 when forced medical care was the major campaign issue. Obama had just implemented ROMNEYCARE, so the Repooflicans ran Romney himself against Obama. There was no choice for people who didn’t like giving Big Pharma a total forced monopoly. Returning to voluntary private care wasn’t a choice, and proper nationalized medicine wasn’t a choice. Obama had the chance to do Medicare For All, and instead did Romneycare.

Romneycare made 2020 easier to implement. Without the existing mechanism of mandatory obedience, it would have been harder to let the Mengele Demons (MDs) indulge their torture chamber sexual fantasies.

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