Strong point

Pithy point from Kirn:

One “superstition” I was invited to laugh at as a youngster was the aversion of certain traditional and native peoples to having their pictures taken and to photographic imagery in general. But I don’t laugh at this now. Sometimes I even ask myself how in the world they knew.

I’m not convinced of the image prohibition. As per previous item on legacies, I think it’s better to have accurate records of faces and cultures. We stand a better chance of UNDOING those school mockeries and RESTORING old practices if we have an external backup of the faces and practices.

Invited to laugh is powerful and unarguable. Almost everything we “learned” in school was mocking old “superstitions” or “pseudoscience”, and absolutely all of those old “superstitions” turned out to be vastly more true and valid than the “modern” “science” we learned while laughing at the truth.

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