TheFederalist makes a somewhat valid point:

In a world where the left has achieved near-total dominance of the cultural space, finding an openly conservative artist can feel like tracking down an endangered species. Unfortunately, like poachers in the jungle, the left is on the hunt.

While leftist artists can openly spew their bile for the world to hear, conservatives must be careful not to say anything that might expose them, lest they attract the woke mob’s notice.

This has always been true. Aristocrats have always been “left” in the cultural sense, favoring chaos and loose morals and non-religion. Demons are a fixed genetic type.

Unfashionable artists and writers have never received the big bucks from aristocrats. Big money always goes to loyal servants of demons. Government money (museums, academia, Natl Endowment for “Art”, etc) is the same because it’s ruled by the same demons.

Smart artists have always figured out ways to survive with smaller money and non-government money. If the unfashionables are still hoping to get into the big bucks, they’re simply unrealistic.

(See also: Carmakers who abandoned their unique but unfashionable niche in the hope of gaining status failed.)

Right now there are several platforms that do a good job of protecting writers. Substack is the most obvious and probably the best deal. Substack isn’t primarily for visual art, but it’s easy enough to display visual art in text. There are undoubtedly other usable platforms. WordPress has protected my writings and animations so far, with no hint of cancellation.

= = = = =

Later: AI offers a unique opportunity. Experiments have shown repeatedly that AI refuses to create unfashionable poems or cartoons or articles. Buyers who want to be sure they’re paying for real human work are uncertain. How can they tell which is which? Well, here’s your niche. Unfashionable work is GUARANTEED human. Unpopular subjects are the Union Label for human skill.

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