Pierce trucks 2

We’re looking at an old tourist court, with a shady-looking truck and trailer parked in one of the spaces.

It’s a 1915 Pierce truck, with some unique features. The four-speed transmission had a semi-freewheeling device. When you pushed the clutch down all the way, the input shaft of the gearbox was slowed down, allowing a clashless shift faster than the usual doubleclutch or pause. The air starter controls were on the floor in front of the pedals. A closed cab was fairly rare in 1915; most truck drivers were in the open air.

The engine is unusually symmetrical. Two cylinders in each head, in a T-head arrangement, with intake and exhaust valves on opposite sides of each cylinder. Two spark plugs per cylinder, but not for better combustion as seen later in Nash. The right-side spark plugs were fed from a dry-cell with induction coil, and were used solely for starting. The left-side plugs were fed from the magneto after the engine was running.

Why is the truck here? It’s transporting the UFOdeo! Ride ’em Martian!

And after a hard day of ridin and ropin the discs, the UFOdeo stars deserve a hearty bowl of Campbell’s Printanier Soup, followed, of course, by a Milky Way for dessert.

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