Impressive video of ?quake?

Speaking of quakes and inverse thunder and such…

Many people heard one or two loud booms around here tonight. I’ve been awake but didn’t hear anything. I did hear some familiar rumbling, probably the neighbor rolling his trash bin.

Spokane News asked, and one of the commenters caught it on security camera. See Triston Rumpel’s comment for an impressive short video, with a flash and then a KABLAM! Not like the 2000 quakes, much more like actual lightning. Given the supercold temps, it could be a frostquake, but the flash doesn’t seem right for frostquakes. The video looks and sounds like a transformer blowing, but nobody mentions power out, and Avista’s map doesn’t show any outages.

Later: The video from Brandy Davis is even better. There’s a ‘jet plane’ sound before the flash, then KABLAM after the flash. This is not a transformer. Maybe a meteor?

Better thought: Actually this looks and sounds like fireworks such as a high-flying skyrocket. In cold weather a sound can spread widely. Several years ago there was a mysterious ‘trumpeting’ sound across a large part of town, which turned out to be a snowplow scraping noisily in a parking lot.

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