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Question seen on Reddit:

Could an Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent God know all the digits of the number Pi? Or even the square root of 2? Kind of a silly question, but since to the best of our knowledge those numbers are irrational, is it possible for the above being to know all of their decimal digits?

It’s a good mental exercise, and a good shibboleth for Aristotle/experience vs Plato/theory. Experience says that pi and square roots are NOT part of the created world. Circles and triangles ARE part of the created world.

Pi and roots are abstractions produced through many layers of human symbolic thinking and culture. Circles and triangles are NOT irrational and NOT unmeasurable. The circumference and diameter can be measured with any degree of precision, and the sides and hypotenuse of a triangle are even easier to measure.

An all-knowing god would recognize that pi and roots are symbols generated by the god-created brain, and that’s all the god needs to know.

This is like Zeno’s “paradox”, which isn’t a paradox by any definition. The runner crosses the finish line. That’s all. God doesn’t give a flying fuck if mathematicians are too stupid to see the foot cross the line.

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