Sunflower blooms again!

The former Sunflower Ammunition Plant in DeSoto is being recast into a giant EV battery plant by Panasonic. I caught a hint of this via Reddit, and noticed that the location looked like Sunflower. Most of the articles miss the Sunflower connection. This article at Bizjournals confirms it.

Sunflower was a mysterious ghost town for decades. Paved and named streets, only a few remaining houses. I drove through it many times when commuting from Lawrence to KC. For some reason it got stuck in my dreams, and still appears now and then. It was partly redeveloped as a low-income subdivision under the name of Clearview City around 2000, but I suspect the development didn’t last. Now it’s finally going to face the sun again, and bring thousands of INDUSTRIAL JOBS to Kansas.

Good work by all involved! Reshoring is real!

= = = = =

Irrelevant: I was certain that I’d written about Sunflower here, once in connection with BRAC and another time when Clearview was being redeveloped. Nothing in the online blog under either name, nothing in my offline archives. Dream material often fills in a fake backstory. When something happens in a dream, it acquires the flavor of routine habit even if it’s unique or physically impossible.

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