More fake “reveals”

Another stupid partial “reveal”. The mysterious Havana symptoms that we instantly attributed to RUSSIAN_HACKING are not RUSSIAN_HACKING. Now we supposedly don’t know what they are.

I’m too often fooled by fake “attacks”. 9/11 fooled me for many years! This one didn’t fool me for a second. I know plenty about the subject from all sides: neurology, radio, hearing, and the symptoms. This group of symptoms is exactly migraine. The immediate cause is constriction of a blood vessel leading to the brain or in the brain. The ultimate cause is usually anxiety and stress, but the symptoms don’t correlate with experienced stress. So you inevitably search for external mechanical causes because the internal mechanism is mysterious and “uncaused”.

Of course all of this “reporting” is from the federal monstrosity, so there’s no reason to assume that ANY of it is true. Ockham says that no employees ever reported symptoms. It’s all stagecraft from start to finish.

= = = = =

Footnote after reading the linked 2019 piece. When the Havana stageplay first debuted, I was occasionally experiencing some of the symptoms of migraine but I hadn’t yet assembled the correct conclusion. I called it hysteria, which is the old name for the pattern. The 2020 holocaust increased stress and anxiety beyond max, bringing out more of the symptoms and making the pattern clear.

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