More flip time

Random and dubious branch from the more definite Flip Time…

For the first time in 30 years we have a real opposition party. The real opposition party is some parts of the Federal bureaucracy.

Above all the central bank has flipped. QE and ZIRP enabled ALL of the monstrous shit done by governments and corporations in the last 20 years. Free money for demons allowed corporate and bureaucratic demons to satisfy their sexual pleasures with NO CONSTRAINTS. Now the free money is gone, and the source is being reabsorbed through QT. Demons still have a burning unquenchable need to harm and torture and obliterate the universe, but now they have to pay for their porn.

SOME of the economic regulators have also flipped. For 30 years they encouraged or required all types of fraud and theft and monopolies. Now they’re cracking down on frauds and monopolies.

Meanwhile, the alleged “opposition” “party” is still working for the demons. The Repooflicans are lost in bizarre inconsequential delusions about “voting” and “investigating” and “impeaching”, and they’re still playing the same old Reagan games. Eliminate IRS, eliminate the Post Office, eliminate social security. Those are the ONLY PARTS of the government that actually work. The rest is genocidal NAZI TORTURE, but the Repoofs are just fine with genocidal NAZI TORTURE as long as Holy Lord Bezos pays ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX.

This situation only seems strange if you start with fanciful delusions like “laws” and “constitutions” and “organization charts”. If you start with Machiavelli, this is strictly normal. Change comes from discontented factions within the power structure, not from pretend “opponents” outside the power structure.

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