I’ve written most of these points before, but never tried to pull them together into a single timeline.

How long has China been engineering our destruction?

1946: We wasted money on Chiang which helped Mao win.

1950s: We wasted money and lives in Korea which helped Kim win.

1960s: We wasted money and lives in Vietnam which helped Ho win. Inside leftist circles, Maoist racial identity politics kicked out Marxist worker politics.

1970s: Nixon surrendered in Vietnam, passed laws to make employment harder and offshoring easier. (EPA, OSHA, oil shocks, floating currency.)

1980s: Spies invaded, learned and stole our technology and military secrets.

1990s: Politicians again made it harder to employ Americans and easier to offshore jobs. We also invaded and occupied Russia for the second time.

2020: China rigged up a “virus”, induced us to create permanent self-destruction mechanisms, then stopped its own destruction, which probably wasn’t as complete as we were told.

= = = = =

During all of these years, our politicians told us that Russia is the enemy, and based all of our actions on beating Russia. We have been steadily ruining our own country and trying to ruin Russia. The fakeness was obvious in Korea and Vietnam, where our soldiers were fighting against Chinese soldiers, not Russian soldiers.

In short: China has kept US and Russia fighting for 75 years, gaining advantage at every step.

I’m not entirely convinced of China’s intentions, but the pattern is unquestionable.

One decade doesn’t quite fit. In the 2000s we focused our attention on “Islamic” “terrorists”, stage characters played by FBI and CIA employees. We killed millions of innocent real live Muslims in order to “achieve” “victory” over the characters played by the FBI and CIA actors. I can’t see any obvious connection to China or Russia in this monstrous genocide.

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