Why do we ignore life?

Life is negative feedback.

Negative feedback is life.

Our bodies are running an infinite number of feedback loops inside each cell and inside each organ and between the organs and between people and between communities all the time. Nearly all of these loops are unconscious, but we certainly comprehend feedback in conscious and verbal ways. Despite this universality, we rarely STRATEGIZE feedback for our own advantage.

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Example 1:

One of those off-brand radio programs from the ’40s listed household hints and tips sent in by listeners. One tip showed a deep understanding of feedback in digestion, which is never mentioned or USED by conventional diet advice.

Tip: Why do we always serve cranberries with turkey or applesauce with pork or pickles on a hamburger? It’s a strategic use of feedback. The fruit acid, dropping into the stomach along with the fat, starts digesting the fat. The stomach is confronted with less fat-shock, so it doesn’t feel the NEED to produce as much acid.

Conventional advice: Let the stomach overshoot, and then fight the stomach’s acid in an inanimate chemical way with Tums, thus triggering EVEN MORE acid production.

= = = = =

Example 2:

Many years ago I figured out a similar feedback trick with face oil. Conventional advice says to fight the oil in an inanimate chemical way with grease-cutting soap like Ivory or Castile. I always used Ivory. Once when I was visiting parents, I forgot to bring a bar of Ivory and had to use what was available, which was Dove. It felt annoyingly greasy, so I figured it would make things worse. Nope. After a couple days of Dove the zits started to clear up, and I could actually FEEL the decreased pressure in the pores.

Same principle. The Dove was providing MORE oil, so the skin felt LESS NEED to produce its own oil.

= = = = =

Example 3: Muzzles and vaccines.

= = = = =

Question: Why do experts treat living things like machines? Because they DO know how life works, and they DO know the most efficient way to destroy all life without obvious and detectable clues like bomb and bullets.


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