Reprint on complex money

I’ve been talking loosely about real money vs imaginary money. I made the point more directly two years ago:

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An old thought leads to a new ‘data visualization’.

Old thought: This is one of my Thiel questions, one of the relatively unknown facts I’ve figured out by reading and writing.

Jennings Bryan was a faker like Trump. The other populists of that era were following Bryan and proposing the same fake solution, but I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t understand it was fake.

They diagnosed the PROBLEM of globalism brilliantly. Graybill stated it elegantly. Their SOLUTION, more debt and looser money, was precisely backwards.

More debt and looser money means more power for bankers. More savings and harder money means more power for real business, including farmers.

Bryan was smart enough to know this. He was also working toward a goal, using the populist appeal to catapult him into power. After he got into the Wilson administration, he IMMEDIATELY abandoned populism and started making foreign wars and designing the League of Nations. Total betrayal, just like Trump.

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This basic rule about savings vs debt was NOT NEW, to put it mildly.


Jesus taught it firmly and violently. Mohammed and his economic writers put the principle into complete and logical form. Stalin also applied it firmly and violently.

So there was no excuse for missing it. The lesser populists were most likely swept along on Bryan’s coattails, eager to gain power and not thinking deeply about the principles.

Visualization: Storage and savings and experience and culture are on the real axis. Just-in-time and debt and theory and Room 101 are on the imaginary axis.

When you stay within known cultural and economic territory you’re always on solid ground, always sure of your steps. When you think you’re Innovating and Changing The World, you’re on IMAGINARY TERRITORY, always vulnerable to psychopaths and scammers who are CREATING FAKE MAPS for you.


Returning to the Pied Piper theme. We know that Trump’s purpose was to guarantee that no American would EVER consider any agenda besides Soros and Bezos. Like all the other “terrorists” created by Deepstate, he made populism look HORRIBLE.

Bryan was designed for the same purpose, but the Piper pooped out. Wilson took globalism to the extreme with Bryan’s full collaboration, and took internal tyranny to the extreme via Lady Edgar. The people saw the problem and chose Harding, who tried to break down both sides of globalism. Deepstate scandaled him and possibly killed him, so Coolidge and Hoover reverted to norm. But the people still remembered, and FDR finally got past the assassins and started to solve problems for the first and last time in our miserable fucked vile history.

Did Trump take the HORRIBLE too far by piling the “virus” on top of all the pre-existing panics and depressions? We can’t tell yet. Some factions in the Biden administration appear to be vaguely Hardingish, attempting to dial down the panic.

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Two years later, it’s still hard to tell. Those factions in the bureaucracy are continuing to make FDRish moves against monopolies and imaginary Bitcoin, but they don’t have broad enough power to switch the field. A few mayors and governors are ever so delicately microstepping back from the “virus” holocaust, but nobody has apologized or resigned or regretted the holocaust.

Until today Powell was making a REAL difference by literally zeroing out the imaginary axis. This week’s carefully engineered breakdown of the tech-tyrant banks is intended to force his hand. As of this hour he hasn’t reverted to the imaginary norm…..

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