Returning to Elon and Twitter

I’ve tried and discarded a dozen hypotheses about Elon and Twitter. Here’s a new hypothesis.

Deepstate, like pro wrestling, always creates a cartoon villain. The Official Good Guy and Official Bad Guy always do exactly the same evil deeds, but the evil deeds are Good when done by the Good Guy and Bad when done by the Bad Guy.

This is a high-level version of ordinary status and coolness. Real-life Cool Guys and Uncool Guys aren’t reliably scripted, but the distinction is visible when you see both doing the same Deed. The Cool Guy is praised and rewarded for the Deed, and the Uncool Guy is lectured and punished for the SAME Deed.

Nixon and Trump played the Villain at the presidential level. Fox News plays the Villain in TV.

Until now there wasn’t a Villain among the major social media networks. Deepstate didn’t have an Automatic Discredit And Dismiss channel. Trump tried to create a Villain, but couldn’t make it work.

Now there is a Villain. When info is seen in Twitter, everyone knows it’s CRIMETHINK. When the same info is seen in any other social media, everyone knows it’s a COMMAND.

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