Convoluted hyperinverted “justice”

According to DailyMail, Trump is going to be arrested for a completely irrelevant non-crime, which is the only way actual criminals EVER get arrested.

This crime is peculiarly backwards as well as irrelevant.

Trump is a master blackmailer, learning the craft from Roy Cohn, the historical champion. (Second only to Lady Edgar, who had the entire apparatus of Deepstate at her disposal.) Trump is somehow in trouble for being the VICTIM of blackmail, not for COMMITTING blackmail. A master of a craft ought to know better.

Machiavellian fact of nature: Demons are NEVER arrested or fired for being evil. They’re only fired when another demon succeeds in beating their evil game.

Regardless of the extreme hyperinversion, this is still one demon down and a million to go. We’ll never have a second Nuremberg. Occasional irrelevant weirdly inverted downfalls are the best we can expect. I guess it’s worth about 0.01 Cheer.

= = = = =

Later: The Babylon Bee tells the plain truth. All of this fake crap is designed to guarantee that Trump is elected. Wall Street loved him. The media had their best years ever with Trump as Official Enemy. The public “health” demons finally got to enjoy their century-long nightmarish sexual fantasy of strangling and “disinfecting” and slaughtering the whole fucking world. All the demons want him back.

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