From the other angle

In previous item I was basically discussing adrenaline addiction. Deepstate keeps the adrenaline flowing at all times, causing heart damage and sudden death and weakened immunity. Never let the victims regain balance and normalcy. But adrenaline is also addictive. Soldiers of fortune, mountain climbers, parachutists, gamblers, risk-takers of all sorts, understand this addiction and use it systematically.

The opposite side of the “virus” holocaust caused the opposite addiction. As seen by tech tyrants and venture capitalists and bitcoiners, the holocaust was simply a SWEET ENDLESS HEROIN FOUNTAIN of endorphins. 15 TRILLION DOLLARS of free money flowed directly into the tech world. Small business “loans” with no repayment. Suckers feeling rich with stimulus money, ripe for the picking.

The tech tyrants and stock demons KNEW IN ADVANCE that they would be getting an endless heroin shot. They were lobbying HARD for full lockdowns to insure their bonus.

This side of the holocaust DID HAVE A PRECISE ENDING.

Powell is Harding. Powell declared Victory over Easing. VE Day. The tech tyrants and bitcoiners couldn’t believe it. Instead of frontrunning as usual, they were blindsided when the fountain stopped. Since VE, they have been pushing in every possible way to get the monstrosity up and running again.

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