When a war or tornado or storm ends clearly with a VE Day or an All-Clear Siren, people can cleanly shift out of Emergency Mode and return to normal life.

When the real action asymptotes down to an approximate end as observed and measured, but the official event doesn’t end, people are confused.

Parkinson tells us that organizations also need to disband in an official way when their mission is done. Organizations or agencies that continue officially operating after the storm or project is done will inevitably turn sour. They will find other causes to work for, and will often create problems to keep the team spirit and energy and budget going.

When the ballgags ended on April 28, 2022, I kept waiting and watching for the resumption, and couldn’t let down my guard. There was no All-Clear siren. The alleged court case was postponed several times, and AFAICT still hasn’t been decided. My fight mode continues to absorb much of my gumption, preparing to endure the resumption of torture.

New thought: Parkinson also explains what is happening to the movement leaders. Some of them are switching smoothly from anti-vax to environmentalism under the leadership of RFK Jr. Others are just casting around for subjects to keep the fight energy going, and turning sour in the process.

Needless to say, Deepstate loves this. When Deepstate zombied up from its grave in 1946, it forever banned proper endpoints. All foreign wars continue with endless occupation forces. All “virus” wars keep running, switching to monkeypox and RSV and gonorrhea. Culture wars switch from “feminism” to “gay marriage” to “trans inclusion”, at each stage guillotining the previous radicals who won’t keep up with the Room 101 status switches. No war or storm ends. Even the Weather Bureau won’t tell us when we’re done with wind or snow.

When panics and storms pile up endlessly with no official end, the peasants and the movement leaders are perpetually confused and tired and sour, unable to resume normal life.

Recursive: For Deepstate, the real VE Day in 1945 was also V(VE Day)Day. We will NEVER AGAIN allow a war or a storm or a riot or an emergency to end. We will NEVER AGAIN allow victims to clean up and restore normalcy. We will NEVER AGAIN punish the warmongers and criminals, because the warmongers are always part of Deepstate.

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