Always hoard your work.

I pulled another forgotten tool out of my pre-made Poser toolkit and saved a lot of tiresome labor. Now that I’m old and burned out by the “virus” torture, it’s nice to have the stored work of a younger and smarter ancestor on hand.



= = = = = START REPRINT:

One of the small pleasures of life is pulling an ace from your sleeve.

One of the BIG pleasures is creating independence and self-sufficiency, defeating the all-consuming Github.

I use Poser intensively for work and play, for courseware animations and blog stuff and just plain entertainment. About a year ago, the makers of Poser decided to turn it into a rental property. You can’t use the program at all unless you’re connected to the web right now, and the connection CAN AND WILL remove anything the landlord doesn’t like.

The change got AGGRESSIVELY PERSONAL when the latest version (12) cut off all usage of old-style Python.

This immediately obsoleted 20 years of hard work.

In the early years, much of my hard work was released to the Poser community, and other programmers started from my examples and monetized their work without giving me credit or royalties. This was annoying, but as long as I could keep using and amortizing my own work for my own purposes, it wasn’t DESTRUCTIVE.

When the change forced me to switch all of my own work to the new form in order to USE IT FOR MY OWN PURPOSES, I said no. Demanded a refund and cancellation of the license for v12. Without warning, this also cancelled the license for v11, which would have been usable otherwise.


So I fell back to v9, which was the last non-Github version.

But then v9 abruptly suffered an entirely separate Github obsolescence. It somehow used Adobe Flash to run its file system. When Adobe killed Flash, v9 became partly usable. It would load premade scenes, but not any of the parts needed to build a scene.

There was a workaround, a loader developed by one of those monetizers who began with my work. Damned if I’m going to honor a monetizer.

So I returned to the loader I’d written in 2004, which does more than the Adobe shit was doing, and does more than the plagiarized version. I hadn’t been using it, because the Adobe-based file system, built into the program, was easier. Now the choice was between my own superior file-handler or the plagiarized inferior file-handler.

No contest, no split decision. It still works.

A meaningful victory against Github ‘phone home’ tyranny, and a petty personal victory against the plagiarizers.

Polistra sings along with Tycho:


You already have what you need.

Resonate with reality using your own INSTRUMENTS and your own SKILLS and your own SENSES. Don’t surrender to the centralizers or the plagiarizers. Don’t let them steal your SKILLS or monopolize your SENSES.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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