Maybe you shouldn’t

MindMatters has been focusing on the problems and failings of AI for a long time, sometimes missing the point and sometimes hitting it. I’ve been ‘reacting’ to their hits and misses for a long time, as a way of organizing and rationalizing my own thoughts.

For some reason their host has a VERY SLOW website and sometimes loads without processing the CSS. When this happens, the format is raw:

Hmm. If you’re arguing against AI, maybe you shouldn’t routinely monetize it?

= = = = =

While I’m there, MindMatters has also done an extremely instructive interview with Blake Lemoine, the Google AI maker who got fired for leaking. Lemoine thinks like AI. Or more accurately, AI thinks like him. In the interview he refuses to contemplate out-of-box ideas, just as his product refuses to contemplate out-of-box ideas. He doesn’t say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’d rather not answer.’ Some questions just bounce off his forcefield without ever reaching his ears.

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