Sane response

I’ve been steadily impressed by the plain old sanity that shows up in the Hollywood types writing at the Ankler. Maybe they’re not the norm, but many of them are well-known names.

Here’s another example, from their coverage of the upcoming writers strike:

There were some writers, however, who expressed something close to a Zen-like calm about the coming week. “My theory is that the pandemic was essentially a forced dress rehearsal for a strike. Everyone had to shut down production overnight without any way to prepare. I think we learned a lot about what this looks like versus how it looked in 2007. The pandemic was a forced strike for everybody and it worked out. I think the general feeling is, ‘We survived the pandemic. We can survive anything.’”

Mental immunity is the sanest response to an attack by lunatic demons, whether it’s an old-fashioned war between countries or a new-fashioned war between all demonic rulers and all humans.

We’re tougher now, and we can handle this shit.

Reminds me of Hollywood’s WW2 attitude. Entertainment is a duty. One of those old radio gossip columns mentioned casually that singer Jane Froman almost lost both legs in a plane crash while entertaining troops, then spent six months learning how to walk again, then went right out and entertained the troops again in crutches and braces.

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