Cofounderus interruptus

AI leader Hinton is getting credit for quitting Google and warning us about the problem, now that AI is fully unleashed and destroying all creative skills.

JESUS H CHRIST. If you want to prevent conception you need to pull out before you squirt. Pulling out after the baby is born won’t help.

I’m terminally tired of “retired” generals and “retired” executives regretting their actions AFTER the crime is consummated, AFTER millions of innocent people are tortured and killed.

If you really regret a product, you are OBLIGATED to stop at the FIRST HINT that it will turn bad or be used wrongly. You are OBLIGATED to remove your talents and money from the organization. You are NOT obligated to speak out. Speaking out is futile and may get you killed or imprisoned. Depriving the organization of resources makes a real difference. QT is the most effective Nuremberg.

Weizenbaum did the right thing in 1964. After he produced Eliza, he saw IMMEDIATELY how people were misusing it and misunderstanding it. He stopped and wrote his remarkably prophetic warning.

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