Wrong end of the variable

From Above The Line:

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For weeks, multiple studios and streamers have been planning to use AI to generate scripts based on books and other IP that is in the public domain, with lists of titles making the rounds among development executives, multiple insiders have told Above the Line.

I’m reliably told that nearly every studio has already explored this possibility, and that should those plans come to fruition over the weeks — and likely months — to come, the studios plan to hire writers to rewrite those scripts once the Writers Strike is over. That is, of course, a major sticking point in these negotiations, as the WGA is insistent that AI not be used to create any literary material whatsoever.
The uncomfortable truth is that real artists aren’t sweating AI, it’s the lower-level writers who worry that it could replace them. And don’t get me wrong, we have to look out for the lower-level writers too because if they aren’t allowed to learn and grow, they’ll never become upper-level writers.

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Greatness isn’t the important variable.

If you want to be comparatively irreplaceable, you need SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE derived from experience. You need a NICHE that others haven’t bothered to master because it’s hardly worth the money and time. I noticed this 25 years ago in programming and graphics.

AI brings this rule into sharp relief. Generative AI sucks and steals from the whole web. If your EXPERIENCE isn’t well represented on the web, AI won’t be able to copy it. Best of all, if your EXPERIENCE is muscle memory, cerebellar skills, AI won’t have any access at all.

In other words, SMALLNESS is the answer, not GREATNESS. MODULARITY keeps creativity alive. GLOBALISM kills creativity.

Famous artists are the EASIEST to replace because their work is available and visible everywhere in multiple repetitions. Everyone knows how Hemingway writes.

Ask DallE to copy the style of Picasso and it knows exactly what to do. Ask DallE to copy my graphics and it will be lost.

Secrecy is the default.

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