Required listening

Speaking of Entertainment as a Duty, and speaking of the British quick recovery from NAZI OCCUPATION…

Tess Lawrie interviews musician Cambel McLaughlin who was touring Britain during the two years of occupation. He focuses correctly on the LOCKDOWNS and the total mental, emotional, and physical effects of the LOCKDOWNS. He never uses the C-word or the P-word, which grant legitimacy to the NAZIS.**

Most US independents have gone off the cliff with the semi-meaningless injections, sliding seamlessly into the Gaian tyranny under Gaian Consigliere RFK, joining the OCD types who created the LOCKDOWNS.

McLaughlin praises the ordinary people who helped his band resist the NAZI STORM TROOPERS. It’s worth noting that the NAZIS in Britain threatened the band but didn’t jail or close down the band. American and Canadian NAZIS were much less reticent.


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** When you use the C-word and the P-word you are acknowledging the NAZI premise that a serious threat existed. You are agreeing that the Jews needed to be eradicated, but Hitler should have used a less environmentally toxic chemical instead of Zyklon-B.

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