Kirn vs Cervantes

Latest from Kirn:

Privacy, censorship, surveillance, and freedom of expression must be explicit, top-tier issues in the upcoming presidential contest. All candidates must be pressed to take clear stands.

First, there’s never any point in saying must. Government does what it wants. Government doesn’t care what peasants think it must do. Writers who put must in their headlines are either out of touch with reality or trying to stir up a useless protest.

Second, privacy and “freedom” are meaningless concepts. Secrecy and “censorship” (aka editing) are the PURPOSE of communication.

Peasants would be better off if we understood these permanent unchangeable facts of life. Our task is to achieve our innate purposes and have some fun.

When we’re MUSTing an impossible MUST, we’re using up energy that could have gone into achieving our natural purpose and enjoying the ride despite the monsters.

Many writers have taught this lesson, from Cervantes to Machiavelli to Voltaire to Percy.

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