Speaking of Voltaire

Bari Weiss interviews Tim Scott, another fake Repooflican candidate. Scott is following Reagan and Mitt Romney, claiming that everything is perfect in this most perfect of possible worlds. Only the existence of TAX is imperfect. If we can achieve ZERO TAX for trillionaires, perfection will be total.

Weiss does a good job of confronting Scott with reality. Most Americans ACCURATELY OBSERVE that the current situation is a hopeless tragic hell. We attribute it to various causes, some accurate and some not, but our OBSERVATION is accurate.

Scott’s answer is just silly. Again following Romney and especially Jack Kemp, he says that peasants need to get more education and work harder. If we work as hard as Bezos, we will be as rich as Bezos.

Mitt Romney lost badly to Obama, at a time when the REAL OBSERVED SITUATION wasn’t nearly as horrible as it is now. Why does Scott think the same line will work now?

Obvious answer: He doesn’t think it will succeed. He thinks that rich tax-hating donors will orgasm when they hear this plutocratic ASMR.

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