Don’t be there

Trannies continue entering and “winning” all sorts of events, and the honest competitors keep complaining. Bitching won’t do any good. You’ll only get canceled.

Why don’t they just quietly walk out when a known cheater enters? This applies to steroid users and corner-cutters in marathons as well as trannies. As soon as a known cheater is in the event, ALL RESULTS ARE MEANINGLESS, so there’s no point in wasting effort on a MEANINGLESS result.

Don’t be there. Don’t resist, desist.

When all the good honest athletes are ELSEWHERE, the mainstream will sooner or later notice that it’s covering “events” with only one entrant. Maybe not. The mainstream no longer matters. Integrity matters.

= = = = =

In fairness, some smaller leagues and organizations ARE starting to do the right thing.

= = = = =

Even fairer: Now the trannies are no-shows! In general the entire woke mess is a self-dissolving problem now that QE and ZIRP no longer give sole power to shareholders and school endowments. When colleges need paying students and businesses need paying customers, the desires of the students and customers gain more force.

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