It’s all about personal power

Kirn’s latest pithy paragraph:

A lot of what passes for politics these days — the policing of language, the stamping out of heretical opinion, the cancellation of offbeat, difficult figures — feels to me like a step in the construction of a universal operating system for humans. Many in power must dream of it.

This misses the point, in the same way that AI lovers and AI haters and all sorts of ideologists miss the point.

Bureaucrats love systems, but the demons with real power ignore all systems, including the systems they use to exert their power.

Machiavelli understood this. Systematizers (including me!) missed this point until 2020. The constants and variables of 2020 showed that systems are utterly meaningless. None of the legal and constitutional systems slowed down the universe-destroying demonic power of Carter Mecher. [And his sponsors Bush and Gates and Schwab.]

From the other end, the blessed sane governors who decided to PROTECT their people against Mecher found that the system didn’t get in their way. Noem and DeSantis, and the other Dixie governors who followed DeSantis, simply held their ground FIRMLY AND CONSISTENTLY. The bureaucrats screeched but didn’t kill or halt the sane governors.

It’s all about GUTS.

A real operating system for a computer or a country places EXTREME RESTRICTIONS on personal power. You can’t do anything WITHIN THE SYSTEM to break the system. Hackers break the computer, and demons break the country, by working OUTSIDE the system, generally with extortional force.

Demons don’t want a functional operating system. They want a weak and vulnerable system, ideally no system at all.

Demons want the peasants to believe that systems and ideologies are real and functional. When we’re focusing on the “rights” and “organization chart” of the system, we can’t see the monstrous beast who breaks through the system and kills us.

Guessing game

Speaking of “news” and purpose:

The “leak” of a potential overturning of Roe undoubtedly has a purpose. Politico published the leak and we know Politico is the Bush family website. It’s deep deep Deepstate, and we can start our assumptions from that simple fact.

All Deepstate leaks are extortion in one form or another. I can think of two forms, both of which are probably wrong.

1. The most obvious purpose is pressuring weak-willed Roberts to maintain the consensus.

2. NCR mentions that barricades went up around the Court instantly after Politico published the leak. When DHS gets involved, incorrect opinions instantly become VIOLENT_INSURRECTION, punishable by death. This could lead to dissolving the court to prevent VIOLENT_INSURRECTION.

But: If the court is dissolved, the country will benefit. Since 1803 the Supremes have ALWAYS served the elite and ruined the peasants. Deepstate never never never NEVER commits the crime of improving the country, so Deepstate would never dissolve its best servant.

So both of those guesses are dubious at best.

Later: Everyone is saying that the overturn itself would be earthshaking. Nope. The sane states have managed to practically forbid abortion without any change of Supreme “law”. The Nazi states will seamlessly maintain abortion. Nothing will change. If the overturn had happened much earlier, say around 1980, it would have been more significant. At that point the sane states hadn’t yet developed their practical strategy of eliminating the abortuaries.

= = = = =

Overall, until we get a Nuremberg for the “virus” hoaxocaust, I don’t give a flying fuck about any other moral or legal considerations. A million demons need to be executed instantly and decisively, with no appeal or trial. We know who they are. All national leaders except Tanzania and Belarus. All Federal employees. Most state governors. All city mayors. All employees of all Public “Health” departments. Most MDs, except for the 1% who publicly objected to the holocaust. When the demons are dead, then we can talk about “morality” and “law”.

Already answered, but missed a point

Okay, we know that “journalists” have stopped serving any function. That’s tired territory. Batya is covering it thoroughly and usefully.

Purpose-based question: If reporters DO have a real function, the function should be definable in a basic biological way. It should be the same for a beehive or a tribe or a city or a nation.

I answered this question in 2018.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Every living thing, and every organized colony of living things, has ‘media’.

Why does an individual organism need senses? To answer seven important questions. The first six are universal from bacteria to humans. The seventh is not quite universal.

1. What time is it? Day or night? Winter or summer? Full moon or new? Time to fuck? Time to swarm? Time to die?

2. Where am I? Which way am I going? Up or down? Toward the light? Toward food? Toward enemies? With the magnetic field or against?

3. Where is food?

4. Where is poison?

5. Where are my friends, and what are they doing?

6. Where are my enemies, and what are they doing?

7. The non-universal non-question: Entertainment. This applies for sure to all the ‘intelligent’ critters from octopuses to mammals. When we’re not in immediate survival mode, we love to watch stuff happening. Entertainment merges smoothly into education. Watching somebody else catch a caterpillar or hammer a nail isn’t especially interesting; but when the catch misses or the hammer hits a thumb, it becomes entertainment AND education. Smart design, connecting pleasure to learning.

= = = = =

Communities or colonies have mechanisms or workers to accomplish the last five purposes on behalf of the whole community. Bees have honey scouts and enemy scouts. Mammals generally send out disposable males to locate food and enemies. Plants and bacteria and modern humans use electrical networks to observe the activities of friends and enemies.

Professional reporters have been around for 5000 years. Most of the sagas and testaments of religions are newspaper archives with the original bylines replaced by God, who is the biggest copyright troll in history. Greece and Rome elevated the role of scout to high literature. Troubadours and town criers continued the mix of art and observation until 1500 AD, when Gutenberg made it possible to shout on paper.

= = = = =

Circling back to the original question: How do modern paid reporters fulfill the basic purposes of community sensing? (Again the first two purposes are only for individuals.)

3. Where is food? Newspapers and TV carry useful ads for grocery stores, but the reporters aren’t involved.

4. Where is poison? Reporters have specifically inverted this purpose. They warn us LOUDLY of fake poisons [2020: AND FAKE DISEASES] to stir up a war, or to squash one industry and boost another. They never warn us of real toxins, because the reporters are the real toxins.

5. Where are my friends, and what are they doing? TV offers us a complex and addictive array of fictional friends, ruining our expectations for real friends.

6. Where are my enemies? Reporters have specifically inverted this purpose. They warn us LOUDLY of fake enemies to stir up a war, or to squash one tribe and enrich another. They never warn us of real enemies, because the reporters are the real enemies.

7. Entertainment: We get to see plenty of failures, but we’re NOT ALLOWED to learn from them. Any attempt to draw ACCURATE conclusions from stories about crime is forbidden. Sports give us plenty of crashes and failures and injuries, but the whole process is carefully scripted to avoid any useful lessons. When we see a Tesla crash, we’re not allowed to conclude that Teslas are bad. Instead we are required to BUY THE DIP.

= = = = =

Concluding: In earlier eras the press occasionally performed the DUTY of community senses, but not now. There is no excuse and no defense for the “right” of “press freedom”.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

There is another traditional role for ‘media’ or community sensing mechanisms, which I didn’t think about in 2018. This role has become the ONLY purpose, replacing all others.

8. Carrying COMMANDS from the queen.

In a beehive the commands are carried by pheromones. In traditional cultures, soldiers are often sent to read out dictates from the government. In modern cultures, newspapers and electronic media carry commands. Hitler and Stalin established closed-circuit radio systems which were REQUIRED LISTENING. The web now serves the same purpose. Everyone is carrying a closed-circuit speaker that carries nothing but commands. Some of the commands are disguised as news or science or entertainment.

Analog people

Speaking of professional critics vs reality….

The Harris Poll shows about 2/3 of Americans approve Elon’s takeover of Twitter.

Sharp comments by the CEO of Harris:

It’s a reminder that the views of Twitter’s blue-checkmarked class, professional pundits, and journalists often diverge from the views of most Americans. Perhaps they should spend less time interacting with each other on Twitter and more time greeting analog people – or maybe Ice T was right when he tweeted “it would [be] kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off.”

ANALOG PEOPLE! The Harris Poll just won my undying support.

= = = = =

Later, here’s a genuinely informative piece about Twitter, only partly about Elon.

Information = something surprising, something you didn’t know before.

I didn’t know that Twitter was essentially the tenure system for professional writers. They don’t make money on Twitter; they use it to compete with other writers, climb the status stack and impress the peer reviewers.

Interesting Constants and Variables question

Since I’m in a programming mood lately, this caught my attention.

Saagar is listing various political celebrities who suddenly gained and lost Twitter followers since Elon announced his takeover. Many of these changes are reversals of long-lasting trends, and they don’t seem to correlate neatly with R vs D.

Saagar also notes that the takeover deal includes a standard provision ordering the company to HOLD STILL until the deal is done. They can’t adjust their protocols or algorithms or hiring policies to poison the takeover. (HOLD STILL isn’t just for big companies; ordinary house purchases forbid the seller from remodeling or tearing down the house before transfer.)

He asks: Are these unusual changes simply the natural ups and downs, which were previously erased or reversed by Twitter’s constant adjustment of protocols?

Programmers know that the machine is not a machine. The machine always reflects the tastes and desires of the programmer and his employer.

It’s an interesting Constants and Variables question whether it’s true or not. The suddenly non-barking algorithm tells you far more than the perpetually barking algorithm.

See also how constant perfection can stand out among normal variation.

= = = = =

Later thought: Before FB and Twitter, ordinary people didn’t have ratings or follower counts. Books had best-seller lists, which generally disagreed with the judgments of the critics. TV shows had ratings, again disagreeing with the professional critics. Politicians had polls, again disagreeing with political columnists.

Now the professional critics get to alter the ratings and listings to suit their own preferences.

Did non-celebrities ever have written and visible status ratings? Yes, in one peculiar situation. College fraternities and sororities.

And where did FB originate? In a Harvard fraternity.


Fifth in a vaguely defined series on obscure secret electronics, after SCR-268 and Tenzor and Peilempfänger and Kleinstpeilempfänger.

= = = = =

American Radio Library has uploaded new issues of the British Post Office Engineering Journal. Why did the GPO have an engineering research facility? Because the GPO managed ALL communication in Britain. It was like Post Office plus Western Union plus Bell Tel plus FCC.

This is the first in a long line of BBC television detector vans, enforcing the British policy of financing BBC with receiver license fees. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the Kraut Peilempfänger truck. [So I was able to modify the Kraut truck easily.]

According to the article (which is short on electronic detail) the receiver was not picking up the superhet IF oscillator. It was picking up the audio-frequency radiation from the horizontal sync coils.

This freq was certainly radiated from antennas. When TV antennas were common, and when my ears were younger and sharper, I could hear the 15750 cycles turned into acoustic form by electrostriction.

Here’s another view:

Our pet alien feels perfectly safe here despite the allegedly intense magnetic activity in the truck. Why?

According to a recent Daily Mail article, the Detector Vans have always been fake.

First, it’s nearly impossible to sort out the signals in a crowded city environment where each building may have a hundred residents.

Second, all the horizontal sync coils are on the same frequency, so it’s a much harder task than locating a spy transmitter or locating one superhet radio tuned to the WRONG freq.

Third, BBC never had more than a dozen vans for all of Britain, yet BBC has prosecuted thousands of unlicensed sets every year. The vans just cruise around to scare the yobs. The real license cops find scofflaws the lo-tech way by comparing a residence list against a license list, and then double check by knocking on the door and listening for BBC programs with their Mark I Eardrums. Sometimes the license cops pose as salesmen to get into the house and look around.

So our charge-based life form can rest over this van. No electronic activity inside it, and the residents have heard that the van will be working their neighborhood, so they have turned off all their electronics. The van is a Mobile Quiet Zone.

The dayest day of all?

According to the daily log at Enid Buzz:

Happy May Day! It’s also Couple Appreciation Day, CSS Reboot Day, Executive Coaching Day, Frequent Flyer Day, Global Love Day, Bereaved Mother’s Day, Permaculture Day, Workers’ Day, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day, Law Day, Lei Day, Loyalty Day, Mayday for Mutts, Mother Goose Day, Motorcycle Mass and Blessing of the Bikes Day, Infertility Survival Day, Purebred Dog Day, New Homeowners Day, Phone in Sick Day, Save the Rhino Day, School Principals’ Day, Silver Star Service Banner Day, Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day, Laughter Day and Worthy Wage Day. Foodies and Drinkies enjoy Chocolate Parfait Day and Lemonade Day.

If this isn’t the dayest of all days, it’s pretty damn close.

Atypically one of those Days applies to me. CSS Reboot Day reminds me that I need to get my ass in gear on Ockhamizing the courseware, eliminating unnecessary entities.

This is part of my long-term project to disconnect as many Github and Deepstate tentacles as possible. Back in 2014 the big NYC publisher forced me to include a huge pile of CSS and JS from “Twitter Bootstrap”, which was allegedly needed for fashionable round-edged buttons. The huge pile of extra crap had to be processed by the browser on every page load, and I could see that the browser was unhappy with most of the crap, tossing off dozens of ‘deprecated code’ warnings.

After stripping out the twitter crap and tidying up the loose ends, I noticed that the buttons are STILL ROUND. So it wasn’t doing what it was allegedly supposed to do.

It must have been doing something vaguely related to RWD and zooming. One specific button is dislocated after simplifying. I’ve pulled this one specific button back into its proper place, but need to test everything for other possible leftovers.

So it’s time to reboot my ass into CSS debugging. Thanks to the day day of all day days.

Not free

My version of Santayana:

Those who don’t know that history repeats are doomed to be ruined by the repeaters.

Those who think academic cancelling is new and abnormal will waste their time fighting a permanent and natural tendency.

Frank Edwards runs down the history of academic censorship on the subject of ET life.

In 1880 a notable geologist and a notable biologist carefully analyzed the innards of a meteorite that fell in Serbia. They found fossils vaguely resembling earthly lifeforms such as mollusks and crinoids. They knew from long experience that these shapes were NOT created by inorganic geology.

Hahn was a man of eminence as was Weinland, but his scientific stature was not enough to protect him from the poisonous barbs of his fellow scientists when he published the results in 1880. The accepted posture in those days was that there was no life elsewhere in space; that life as we know it was an exclusive and unique development on this little planet of ours. To hint, as Hahn did, that somewhere out there another body had once held primitive life forms and might still hold them, was heresy.

The Smithsonian denounced Hahn as “a hapless man who has permitted his imagination to run wild.”

The exact same argument about the exact same type of material is still going, and the establishment is still mocking the OBSERVERS who LOOK ABOUT THEM AND TAKE HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE.

I’ve read a lot of scientific journals from the 1800s. Blackballing heretics out of the guild was just as common then as it is now.

Academia has never been the home of “free debate”. Academia has always served to close down independent thought and banish independent thinkers.

Not hypocrisy

Cited by Kirn:

The overlap between champions for censorship today, and champions for an “open Internet” and “free speech” during the #NetNeutrality fight in the mid 2010’s, is virtually 100%.

Apparently this is meant to show ‘hypocrisy’ or ‘flipflopping’. No. It’s perfectly consistent. It’s just quality control on the PRODUCTS.

I called it back in 2015:

= = = = =

Alternative media are upset about ‘demonetization’. They shouldn’t be.

In the linked interview, Elizabeth Vos compares common carriers like Youtube and Amazon to toll roads.

“Imagine if a private company owned all the highways and they could close down the highways any time they felt like it.”


In fact MANY highways are owned by corporations who charge tolls for driving on the road. Those highways are NOT closed when the company feels like it, and NOT closed to people with the wrong beliefs. Those corporations WANT YOUR MONEY, and your money is still green even if you’re not green.

The web has been built under the reverse expectation. Everyone expects to use it FOR FREE, or even worse, expects to BE PAID FOR USING IT. This should tell you the whole story, but obviously the ‘independent media’ don’t understand the story.

When you’re the customer, the corporation doesn’t want to exclude you for your VIEWS, because it WANTS YOUR MONEY. You may be excluded from the highway for repeated violations of traffic laws, but those are CRIMINAL ACTIONS that stand a chance of ACTUALLY INJURING OR KILLING the other customers.

When you’re the product, you’re subject to quality control. The carrier wants to insure that its real customers are seeing only the type of content they want to be associated with. The real customers are GLOBALIST CORPORATIONS who have good reason to want independent views silenced.

Emerson had it right as usual (but not quite always…)

If you are wise, you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more. … For every benefit you receive, a tax is levied.

When you chant “Taxation is theft” and create a government with ZERO TAX, you shouldn’t be surprised that the government, deprived of normal income, functions by debt and theft. When you chant “Net Neutrality”, you shouldn’t be surprised that the people who actually pay for the Net (NSA, CIA) are getting everything they want.

It’s certainly possible to run a publication without corporate advertising. The two publications I quote most often, Aberree (1955 to 1965) and Collectible Auto (1984 to now, still going strong) survived mostly on subscriptions. I like both of them specifically because they’re INDEPENDENT. CA tried ads in its first year, then gave up. Aberree had ads from people who were part of their subscriber base. Astrologers and other peddlers of harmless hooey, all known to the subscribers and authors. Closed circle.

When you know your customers and give them what they want, they will pay for the service.


If we assume….

UFOlogists have tried to explain the timeline in various ways. The larger type has been documented for thousands of years. The smaller discs were first publicly described in WW2, with both sides seeing flocks of discs and each side blaming the other. There was a postwar ‘pulse’ of the bigger type in ’47, then another big pulse around ’52 to ’54, then ’65 to ’67. Then the sightings pretty much stopped.

My first try at explaining the timeline was uninformed. I assumed they were our experimental spy tech, which became unnecessary after ’67 because surveillance satellites with digital cameras took over the job.

After reading more of the ancient history I had to abandon that notion, and now I’m imagining the devices as charge-based life forms. The smaller discs are the pets (birds or dogs) of the winged humanoids. The larger aircraft are horses carrying the winged humanoids.

Some of my first assumption was unquestionably true. The government was taking advantage of the public attention, playing both sides as always. The Ground Observer Corps was definitely meant to check the stealthiness of our new tech; and there’s some evidence that our new tech was trying to imitate the old mysterious tech. But our tech wasn’t the ONLY story.

Thinking about the charge vortex….. What development by the large wingless humanoids would be MOST THREATENING to a creature made of circling charge?

The magnetron.

The magnetron creates an internal charge vortex, which would specifically mess up the living charge vortices. The most common use of the magnetron is diathermy (microwave ovens) which directly competes with the main defense weapon of the charge critters.

The history of the magnetron fits the crucial dates neatly:

Invented in the ’30s for radar but not used much because its oscillations weren’t steady enough. Radar needs precise freq and phase, so radar soon adopted the klystron instead.

In 1947, Raytheon built the “Radarange”, the first commercially available microwave oven. An early Radarange was installed (and remains) in the galley of the nuclear-powered passenger/cargo ship NS Savannah. An early commercial model introduced in 1954 consumed 1.6 kilowatts and sold for US$2,000 to US$3,000. Raytheon licensed its technology to Tappan in 1952. Under contract to Whirlpool, Westinghouse, and other major appliance manufacturers looking to add matching microwave ovens to their conventional oven line, Tappan produced several variations of their built-in model from roughly 1955 to 1960. Due to maintenance and cost, sales were limited.

Japan’s Sharp Corporation began manufacturing microwave ovens in 1961. Between 1964 and 1966, Sharp introduced the first microwave oven with a turntable, an alternative means to promote more even heating of food. In 1965, Raytheon, looking to expand their Radarange technology into the home market, acquired Amana to provide more manufacturing capability. In 1967, they introduced the first popular home model, the countertop Radarange. Unlike the Sharp models, a motor driven mode stirrer in the top of the oven cavity rotated allowing the food to remain stationary.

Development of magnetrons for diathermy (heating food) started in ’47, so the charge critters started investigating the threat. Major milestones in ’52, ’54, and ’64, inspiring more investigation and perhaps attempts to halt the deadly peril. Widespread adoption in ’67. Time to retire from the field. The large wingless humanoids are purely toxic.

= = = = =

The discs were also allergic to smaller charge circulators like alternators and generators. If we can believe the stories, the discs had a non-destructive way of shutting down generators. (Applying a counter-rotating field???) Cars stalled in the presence of the discs, then started up again later. Battery-powered flashlights didn’t shut off. I can’t try to match a timeline for dynamos, since they were pretty much everywhere after 1890.

Explicit tag

I’ve been using the Entertainment tag on the UFO and Fortean items lately. I should make the connection more explicit.

The Forteans were trying to pull science back into the realm of entertainment and mystification and fascination. Their constant theme, starting with Charles Fort himself, was that Big Science is no longer observing Nature with fascination. Big Science is just being Big, serving government, serving the military, ignoring and censoring scientific facts, and killing millions of people.

The Forteans, from Hix to MacHarrie to Nesbitt to Edwards, were brilliant story tellers. They told about fascinating or peculiar incidents which were fairly well attested, and asked the listener to think about the incident scientifically. Unlike science teachers, the Forteans were not selecting and grooming the next generation of tenure-seekers.

Nesbitt called Fort the man who hated Science. Poor description. Fort loved science and hated scientists BECAUSE SCIENTISTS ARE RUINING SCIENCE.

The description wasn’t quite so obviously wrong in 1940 when Nesbitt was writing and narrating. FDR had ruthlessly constrained government-paid experts to STICK TO FACTS, just as he constrained government-licensed broadcasters to STICK TO FACTS, and constrained government-licensed bankers to STICK TO REAL FINANCE.

Now the constraint is gone in all of those spheres. All of the government-paid and government-licensed monsters have departed totally from Nature and facts and service and reality. All the demons are unleashed.

Bellyaches and quakes

One of the stories in Frank Edwards’s non-UFO books illustrates how real science gets suppressed or forgotten, then turns out to be correct in the light of later discoveries.

He tells about Bob Barr of Oakland, who reliably predicted earthquakes by his belly. Bob could distinguish a specific kind of activity in his gut that presaged an earthquake somewhere nearby, and could even predict the Richter number. (Or so he claimed.)

Edwards then mentions that animals everywhere in the West, best documented in zoos, were frantic on the day before the big ’64 Alaska quake. The USGS noted that the earth’s magnetic field showed a tremendous blip during that day.

This knowledge faded out, and until quite recently geologists ferociously denied all claims of objective or subjective prediction. Quakes were perfectly random.

Now Bob’s bellyache makes perfect sense in light of recent knowledge about our emotional and cognitive connections to the gut bacteria. Most bacteria are magnetosensors. When the earth’s field goes wacky, the bacteria get confused and dizzy, and our nervous system hears about it.

I had a fairly reliable earthquake sensor for a decade or so. A specific dark mood appeared 18 hours before a big quake in this part of the world, with no obvious proximate cause. The sensor disappeared recently, perhaps because living in the “virus” NAZI TORTURE CHAMBER makes smaller emotions harder to detect. Baseline darkness is above the level of the quake-predicting darkness.

See also.


Fourth in a vaguely defined series on obscure spy equipment.

First: Early American radar.

Second: Russian modular spy radio Tenzor.

Third: Truck-based German direction finder.

This is a cross-pollination of 2 and 3. It’s another Peilempfänger by Telefunken, in the same modular miniature form as the Tenzor. Telefunken called it Kleinstpeilempfänger, which is bigger than the device. I’ll call it Minipeil for convenience.

Here Agent Polistra (with her Tenzor rig) has acquired a Minipeil and is equipping her pet alien to locate enemy transmitters. He’s not especially happy about the task. He’s carrying the tube-based radio across his belly “disguised” as a hearing aid, with the signal indicator “disguised” as a wristwatch. He would find the strongest signal by turning his whole body around while “checking the time”. Definitely inconspicuous!

Closeup of the receiver and the “watch”. No Telefunken colors this time, but a couple of neat Zenith-style gadgets. The tuning scale is printed on a removable cylinder which contains the coils for this band. Another ancient trick; pre-1920 radios often had a set of plug-in coils for different bands instead of a rotary switch. The center knob adjusts the antenna phase. Lower switch selects off or CW or AM. Thumbwheel on left is the tuning, and slides the cursor across the removable band-coil. Thumbwheel on right is volume.

The article at CryptoMuseum doesn’t give much detail. I’m guessing that most spies carried the Minipeil in a briefcase or purse, with wires up the sleeve to the “watch” on the other arm. The body mount would take some clever tailoring to hide effectively, unless the spy was fat or pregnant. A briefcase could be turned casually without attracting attention.

Barnacle Bill the Spider

Male spiders jump away with maximum G force after mating, leaping the human equivalent of 1000 feet in a second. The female stores the sperm until she determines that the male is strong enough to get away. If he gets away, she ingests the sperm and fertilizes her eggs. If he doesn’t get away, she spits out the sperm and eats him instead.

Barnacle Bill was accurate.

Two-buck Tim from Timbuktu was accurate.

= = = = =

Later thought: If we disconnect from the modern “energy efficiency” thinking about genes, and reconnect to Aristotle’s PURPOSE-based thinking, the female’s behavior makes perfect sense. Acting on behalf of the population, she wants her descendants to have a WILL TO LIVE. She’s not judging the males on horsepower, she’s judging them on WILL TO LIVE. Survivor males are smart enough to understand what she has in mind. Survivors are not fooled by honeytraps.


Constants and Variables 172, web-to-web edition

The “rights” fans are weeweed up this morning over Biden’s new Disinformation Centre. The director is a former Disinformation Fellowess at the WILSON CENTRE.

Fact: Secrecy and censorship are the defaults. We don’t have the choice of escaping censorship. Given this CONSTANT, there are two interesting VARIABLES, a political timeline and a tech timeline. They overlap partly but not entirely.

= = = = =

The political timeline variable goes like this:

Wilson picked up a mainly commercial Deepstate and made it official, under the evil eye of Lady Edgar. The previous Deepstate had mainly been concerned with our semi-colonies in the Caribbean. We fomented revolutions every time a semi-colony got uppity.

Wilson turned our imperialism westward toward Russia, invading and occupying Siberia along with Japs and Axis soldiers in 1918. Wilson also allowed Lady Edgar to blackmail and instigate and imprison “Reds”.

After Wilson tried to replace Germany as the main controller of Europe, the country soured on imperialism. Harding was able to shut down many of Wilson’s agencies, then FDR completed the turn toward neutrality.

Deepstate was itching and burning with pent-up sexual desire during FDR’s life, and burst out of its richly deserved grave in 1946. Since then, Deepstate has been steadily expanding its “sphere of Democracy” to the whole world, literally climaxing in 2020 with Perfect Democracy as expressed by mass murder + mass torture + mass imprisonment + universal muzzles = universal orgasm for psychopaths.

= = = = =

There’s also a technical variable with a different timeline, which helps to explain why Deepstate’s constant desire for Perfect Democracy wasn’t always able to achieve Perfect Democracy.

In 1918 the world was hardwired by the digital telegraph network, with undersea cables linking the continents. Radio was just barely beyond experimental, mainly serving as ship-to-shore communication for fisheries. Whoever controlled the cables controlled the world.

In 1922 radio started to gain maturity, and Harding took full advantage of it. As I’ve been hammering forever, radio is soft and analog, capable of penetrating through walls and across seas without any firm controls. Shortwave reached maturity in 1933 at the same time when FDR took office. Our own propagandists realized they couldn’t turn off the world, so they had to PERSUADE. We encouraged our own people to listen to adversaries and alternatives, and we had confidence that our PROBLEM-SOLVING PRESIDENT would maintain the loyalty of our own people. FDR explained what he was trying to do, and explained when he needed to try something different because the first attempt hadn’t worked. He created a CIRCLE OF TRUST enveloping the entire country.

After he died, Deepstate recognized that shortwave and confidence and explanation were poisonous to their needs and desires. They replaced SW with TV, which is a vastly tighter pipeline. Then in the ’70s they tightened the screws even more with the Web.

1990 was a significant switchpoint in both politics and tech. Bush Senior invaded Russia again and implanted Our Drunk SOB. Bush Senior also invaded Iraq for fun and profit, breaking out of our post-Vietnam sour neutrality. At the same time, cable TV became universal, spawning the Official Dividers of Fox and CNN, and enabling the rebirth of the hardwired telegraph system.

Now we’re back to Wilson both politically and technically. Spreading Perfect Democracy through a hard-wired digital system with no leaks or skips.