More rambling on UATX

Most of our institutions are stuck in a Parkinsonian positive feedback loop, often without any real reason. Corporations and universities and media channels keep punching and torturing and strangling their customers, and then they wonder why their customers are running away.

Life is negative feedback. If the current path is leading to failure, try something different. This is the most basic fact of life, and the institutions can’t seem to figure it out.

Thinking about the Austin “free university” bait and switch again. Trying to be charitable this time, though I don’t really believe it.

Charitably: They’re stuck in the standard university path of accreditation and tenure. They don’t seem to realize that they CAN’T HAVE open discussion and standard university stuff at the same time. It’s just factually impossible and always has been factually impossible.

A university’s product is a credentialed student, and the credential is quality controlled by tyrants.

If the organizers really want an ‘academy’ that values free flow of ideas, they should set it up as a business with a real product. The students would be the makers, not the product.

I’m thinking of Bell Labs, but the same was true of every industrial research facility before the era of offshoring and Share Value. It’s probably still true in smaller companies.

Admittedly the ideas discussed in a glassware or wheat research facility are somewhat limited, but the process of productive discussion and the pleasure of creative discussion are the important learnings. The ideas are just the consumable lab equipment.

Above all, the students will get MORE EXPERIENCE and MORE MENTAL EXERCISE when working toward a physically achievable goal than they would get from the 136267th pointless rehashing of Plato or Nietzsche. Those “great ideas” were worn out a thousand years ago. A new variety of wheat, or a new way of refining oil, is GENUINELY NEW, and the students who help to create it will leave a GENUINE LEGACY.

Locustation (reprint from 2015)

Ran into this 2015 item while looking for a different href. It’s a BIG thought, possibly correct, and I’d forgotten it entirely.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Thinking again about ‘fight like a plant’, and mixing with my observations about the One Necessary War (ie WW2) and the need for hardass propaganda to force a nation to fight an Unnecessary War (ie all other wars).

Krauts and Japs were the constant aggressors in the first half of the 20th century. Both are highly refined cultures when not in War Mode. Both turn into an entirely different creature for War.

What does this remind me of? Locusts.

Locusts are not a separate species. Grasshoppers transform into locusts for War Mode. Locusts look different and act different, but they’re the same creature that formerly behaved in a more normal way. Look different + Act different = Gene switch.

Why are locusts able to destroy plants so effectively? Perhaps because their switched genes create a different output pattern of smells and sounds. Plants encounter normal grasshoppers all the time, so they already have adequate repel/kill defenses against them. Locusts appear as an entirely new threat, so plants don’t have time to prepare chemical weapons, or time to warn nearby plants of the threat. By the time those responses could happen, the whole field is dead.

Human locustation can sometimes be cured. WW1 didn’t cure the Krauts of locustation. It left the impulse in place, ready to be stirred up again. It’s not yet clear if WW2 cured the Krauts; they seem to be relapsing after a brief remission. WW2 unquestionably and permanently cured the Japs.

Now that US/UK/EU have become locustized against Russia, is there any chance of cure before we eat the world and guarantee our own destruction? Doubtful.

What does a cured locustation feel like? I can sense it in myself. From 1990 to 2007 I was locustized against Arabs. Ready to do anything within my power to end Arabs. After I started writing this blog and organizing thoughts, I came to see that the locustation hormone was coming from false sources. All of us were being locustized via false and distorted “facts”, solely to increase the budgets of the war machine and increase the share value of war’s financiers. We were not actually being attacked, so we didn’t need to be in War Mode.

My immune response, now aimed against the locustizers and against the susceptible parts of my own fucking idiot self, is just as harsh as the locustation itself.

Emerson: “As no man thoroughly understands a truth until he has first contended against it…”

Is this an epigenetic change? It would be worth looking.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now this reminds me of the dissonant rainbow-hued Kraut military equipment. Maybe Krauts are inverse locusts, normally drab and grayscale, but gaining bright colors in War Mode.

Process about process

The world of pure abstraction seems to be falling down, at least in the economic realm. No mystery about the cause. Since 2008 all the central banks have been pumping false “value” directly into the stock market, with a final huge blowup “justified” by the fake “virus” holocaust in 2020.

Now the central banks have stopped pumping, and they’re gradually starting to suck out the excess numbers. Stocks and bonds are responding rationally. First the pure obvious fraud IPOs collapsed, and now the semi-frauds like Amazon and Apple are falling. Stocks will eventually return to their proper value based on profit (plus the usual emotional factors).

It’s especially delicious to watch bitcoin shit falling apart.

Interest rates were zero for 14 years, and now they’ve returned to the historical normal of 3% on bonds and 6% on mortgages. The bond interest hasn’t showed up in “savings” accounts yet, but it’s available to ordinary people through Series I savings bonds. (Interest needs to be MUCH higher than the historical normal to create feedback against inflation, but normal is better than zero.)

Pure virtuality hasn’t yet started to evaporate from politics, where it has lasted much longer. The last real federal election was 1952. Ike promised to end Korea, Truman promised to continue. Ike won and immediately kept his promise. Value for pay.

Since then all promises have been fake and all presidents have been identical. All political “news” and “campaigns” are meaningless soap operas, solely about personalities and multi-layered verbal complexity with no actual referent at the base of the pile.

The emails I get from candidates this year are even more abstract than before. The emails are about emails. The campaigns are about campaigns. Nobody is even bothering to promise a change of ACTION, nobody is trying to offer value for pay.

An email today summarized it: The title is “These emails aren’t raising much money”.

Okay, fine. What am I supposed to DO about that? You just admitted that your abstract campaign has failed, but you’re still not offering VALUE FOR PAY. You’re not telling me how you SOLVED A PROBLEM in your previous political job.

Carver. Carver. Carver.

Listening to Nesbitt’s ‘Passing Parade’ episode on the development of the giant Palomar telescope. Hale was a rich heir who took up astronomy. He used up his father’s money on building bigger and bigger scopes, and then learned how to lobby other rich men and foundations and governments for more and more money to build bigger and bigger scopes.

In the end the biggest scopes haven’t shown us anything that wasn’t already visible to Galileo. The biggest scopes simply create new fake problems like Dark Matter and Dark Energy and Big Bangs and Multiverses, classic Parkinsonian problems that generate larger grants to create new problems. These problems are NOT SCIENCE by any definition. They are perpetually untestable speculation.

None of this bigness has solved any problems. We didn’t get a good view of the moon and Mars until we sent robotic rovers who can dig in the soil and analyze specimens. The rovers told us that the earliest astronomers were right. Mars has canals.

In biology we’ve been running the same stupid Parkinson circle. Fancier scanning microscopes “justify” more money for the next stage in ever-finer microscopes. None of this fineness has solved any problems. Brain scans are interesting, but they don’t tell us anything meaningful, so we “need” bigger and better scans to tell us even more meaningless shit.

We weren’t learning anything new in 60 years of ever-increasing microscope power.

In biology we VERY RECENTLY started learning new things because we started LOOKING IN PLACES WE HADN’T LOOKED BEFORE. After we took off our Grant Goggles, we found that most of the genome is programmable variables, not junk. We found bacteria living in super-hot volcanic vents, up in the clouds, and deep in dry rocks where “life couldn’t possibly exist”. VERY RECENTLY we found a lymph system feeding the brain, and an intelligent separate immune system in the marrow of the skull. These systems are visible to the naked eye, and clearly visible with the earliest and simplest microscopes.

Carver. Carver. Carver.





Every word counts. HOLD is the most important word of all. Get your hands and senses and muscles directly in contact with the material or behavior or action. If you can’t get there physically, send a machine to take hold.

Bigger lenses achieve nothing but bigger grants. Bigger lenses prevent us from TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE.

Talk to them. Let them talk to you.

Random thought, partly repetitive, returning to the subject of communicating with other planets.

Before 1920 most professional scientists (including Darwin) were deists. They believed in purpose, even if Galileo had weakened the hold of purpose on physics. Most scientists were fascinated by the possibility of life elsewhere, and several (including Marconi and Tesla) tried to converse with Mars and Venus. Both of them thought they heard a reply, but the description sounds to me like induction from telegraph wires, which were everywhere in 1899. Telegraph systems used the ground as one side of the circuit, so there would be a complex signal-like delta between the ground and your receiving antenna even if there were no wires nearby.

The Navy set up a more serious radio-telescope in 1924, using a mirror-and-film oscillograph for readout. They saw some interesting patterns that suggested faces. Again there’s no reason to assume Venus. Various types of facsimile have been around since 1848. The German Hellschreiber was especially common then, both wired and wireless. The sync pattern of the Hellschreiber would have fitted the oscillograph pretty well.

Politics invaded this range of thought in ’46 with the Klaatu theme. (Needless to say, 1946 was the date when demonic politics invaded and infected EVERYTHING, especially science.)

Klaatu: We made the A-bomb, so there must be better people on some other planet. The theme retained its emotion but changed its target. Now it says: We have Republicans, so there must be better people elsewhere.

Religion was NOT always connected. In ’65 several of the leading UFO speakers were explicitly Catholic, including Ray Fowler and Sister Ann Jude. They saw a broader variety of life in the universe as broader evidence of God’s greatness.

Now Catholics seem to be stuck on human exclusivity.

And of course all establishment “scientists” are ferociously opposed to all purpose-based thinking, not just deism. Everything must be random quantum particles because chaos is the BURNING BURNING NEED of psychopaths. Purpose is the worst of all sins, and purpose centered on creativity is way beyond sinful.

What if the establishment finally connects with Alpha Centauri and finds a purely Aristotelian and purely spiritual civilization, like my imagined charge critters? Will they learn anything? Not even worth asking.

If we assume (part 2)

I’ve been imagining that the ‘standard’ UFOs were living things and their equipment. An ancient tribe of small winged humans developed a technology based on waves and electric fields. They weren’t limited by theories of atomism and particles, so they figured out how to materialize and dematerialize. They continued existing in and around the Earth, only visible when they wanted to be seen, only massive when mass was needed.

This fits the available facts better than the usual interplanetary assumption.

What about their motivation or PURPOSE?

The usual assumption followed the postwar Klaatu theme. The atom bomb is the worst thing in history, so the aliens are trying to stop the atom bomb.

This is stupid nonsense. The atom bomb was nothing special, and did far less damage than our Thermite firebombs in Japan and Germany. And our Thermite bombs did VASTLY less damage than a prolonged campaign of torture and mass murder. The Japs and Krauts killed and ruined millions of lives before they were stopped.

Right now the modern Nazis are repeating the Kraut campaign everywhere in the world, killing millions and ruining BILLIONS in the name of “environment” and “virus” and “healthy conversations”, while simultaneously shutting down atomic power to emphasize the variable!

= = = = =

The disc-type UFOs were dancing around, appearing and disappearing. Most witnesses got the sense that the discs were investigating or checking the situation while moving around, like a curious puppy. Sniff here, sniff there, stop to roll on the grass, sniff there, pause to pee**, sniff more, play-fight with siblings…

The bigger vehicle-like UFOs seemed to be more serious, but nobody could figure out which side they were representing. At various times they appeared in most of the economically advanced countries. During the war the Krauts thought the discs were ours, and we thought the discs were theirs. Russians saw just as many discs as we did, and the Soviet government handled the situation the same way ours did.

Here’s a possibility that hasn’t been imagined:

The ancient charge critters were charging for their services.

They were selling disc detective work to any country or corporation that wanted it. They were selling Venus tours and abductions to cult leaders who needed to impress the yokels.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: This imagining disagrees with my previous imagining of the UFO’s purposes, and halfway disagrees with previous item about the government’s motivations. I’m not trying to be consistent, I’m just trying to have fun. Science is supposed to be entertaining.

Halfway: Government often hires services or steals weapons before understanding them. It then tries to reverse-engineer the product so it can manufacture in-house. The Air Force’s attempts to sample the outputs and residues from the discs would fit this acqui-hire practice. NSA developed the web so it could steal early-stage science and tech ideas from academia and reverse-engineer them for in-house production.

** Pee: The discs did sometimes pause to pee. They leaked a metallic-looking liquid, presumably the residue that the Air Force was trying to sample.

= = = = =

And finally: I think I’ll fade away from the UFO theme. I’ve used up the sources of old knowledge, and it feels like my speculation is getting too close to Deepstate-owned territory. My gut says ENOUGH, and I trust my gut.

Same both ways

I’ve noted before that UFOs were a perfect reversal of the normal “threat” mechanism.

Normally a government feels the need for more power and murder and profit, so it makes up a “threat”. Terrorists, subversives, foreign “attacks” on ships, cyber “attacks” on computers, “viruses”, “toxins”, ad infinitum. Government then creates a stageplay, sometimes totally mythical, sometimes baiting a “terrorist” or a foreign government into performing the “attack” we need.

Ordinary people DO NOT SEE A THREAT OR RISK BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A THREAT OR RISK. Government needs to promote the stageplay with endless advertising to gin up the “need” for a genocide or a torture chamber or a war.

UFOs were uniquely inverse. Ordinary people were seeing unusual scary stuff, and government wanted to persuade us that NOTHING was there.

In the current “virus” hoaxocaust we have massive evidence that the demons know it’s fake. If they thought it was a real epidemic, they would be protecting themselves MORE than the peasants. Instead, they’re strangling us while they breathe the fresh non-viral air.

Frank Edwards paid attention to the knowledge factor. He had access to some Air Force documents for internal use, which showed that the Air Force KNEW unusual things were flying around and landing. He held up this knowledge against the public reassurances that we’re only seeing Venus and Jupiter.

Memo from the Inspector General to Base Commanders, 12/24/59:

UFO investigators sent out from Air Bases should be equipped with binoculars, camera, Geiger counter, magnifying glass, and containers to store samples.

They knew UFOs were sometimes radioactive, but they didn’t know what the UFOs were made of. They wanted to know so they could imitate the superior technology.

No matter which side is material and which side is stagecraft,


= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote since I’m doing old/new parallel: Frank Edwards was somewhat parallel to Joe Rogan. In 1954 Edwards was one of the top three radio newscasters, with 13 million listeners. He respected the intelligence of his working-class audience and presented interesting items to exercise their minds. UFOs were just one of the interesting subjects. The Air Force extorted his union sponsor by moving defense contracts to non-union companies. The union had to survive by kicking Edwards out. Edwards knew he had a massive audience, so he switched mode to short radio features and books, and continued pleasing his audience and making money.


We had a real thunderstorm last night. Real t-storms are rare here, less than one a year. Mostly we get convective popups, with 15 minutes of heavy rain announced by one small lightning. Last night was an hour of heavy rain, with some hail and continuous lightning. Fortunately no major wind in this part of town.

The east side of town got a tornado. No doubt about it. Look at the picture. Straight winds can’t do that. Lightning can’t do that. A falling tree can’t do that. Only a tornado. Several of the commenters saw a funnel cloud and circling debris.

Real tornados are extremely rare here. Every few years a funnel cloud tries to descend but doesn’t hit. In the 30 years I’ve lived here, this is the first actual hit.

I checked 1957, the year when EVERY FUCKING PLACE ON EARTH had a tornado. Sure enough there was one in ‘rural Spokane county’, on exactly the same day. The ’57 hit was on open farmland, about the same longitude and 5 miles south of yesterday’s hit.

The “weather” bureau didn’t predict the serious thunderstorm, didn’t predict the tornado, and so far hasn’t deigned to notice the tornado.

Next day, they got around to noticing it, and added another tornado on the west side of the metro area.

Reprint on tenure

Looking for a href on tenure to reinforce previous item on UATX bait and switch, found this from 2020.

It’s a pretty good general roundup of the problem and the solution.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Some people are starting to catch on to a chronic long-standing problem, which has become acute and GENOCIDAL in the current fake “emergency”. Retired officials and professors and doctors have been speaking truth openly on all the fake “emergencies” from “9/11” to “global warming” to “virus”. Employed officials and professors and doctors enthusiastically commit the wars and holocausts.

Simple equation:

Tenure + Debt = Holocaust.

Tenure has been a big problem since 1970. It was starting to show up in the ’50s, when my father saw it and warned me about it. I listened and learned.

By 1970 it was well-established. Careers are fragile and instantly stoppable until you get tenure. The only way to get tenure is to conform RIGIDLY to current orthodoxy, and keep up with the Room 101 / Github switchbacks of current orthodoxy. This setup insures that the people with budgetary authority are rigidly orthodox, which self-sustains the setup.

Debt doubled the problem. Before 1990 you could get a college degree without incurring a heavy load of debt. Now most ‘prestigious’ degrees burden you for 10 or 20 years, so you HAVE to try for tenure. If you’re an MD working for a hospital or government, you HAVE to keep your job. You can’t test the limits of tolerance. Employers KNOW that the professionals are debt slaves, and use them accordingly.

In earlier centuries and decades a lot of scholars and inventors had secure incomes from inheritance or sinecures. They were free to pursue truth, no matter where it led. University employment was helpful but optional.

Returning to a Natural Law system would eliminate both problems. Natural Law FEROCIOUSLY forbids debt and STRONGLY incentivizes saving and thrift. Natural Law employment is secure for life, provided you are doing the job.

Before the breakup of ATT, Bell Labs exemplified a Natural Law research facility. Bell had vast resources because of its quasi-socialist position. Researchers were free to pursue all sorts of projects generally in line with Bell’s objectives. They weren’t forced to fudge their data or stay with current fashion or achieve instant half-baked results.

After the breakup and the later LBOs, research was a Negative Externality. Raising Share Value and paying off the unpayable debt to JPMorgan were the only objectives. Bell Labs disappeared.

Here’s the big point, which used to be obvious but now has disappeared in the chaos: When corporations AND governments AND individuals are running on savings, with deep reserves, everyone is VASTLY more free to do what’s needed. Governments can serve the poor better; corporations can serve employees and customers better; and individuals can save their souls. When everyone is running purely on debt, everyone is enslaved to the bankers.

Save your money and save your soul is a pretty decent motto.

= = = = = END REPRINT.


This author looks at the new allegedly planned Austin “freedom university” from a Catholic perspective. It’s mostly outside of my secular understanding, but her suspicions end up pretty much the same as mine. We’re marking the same target from different angles.

The Catholic viewpoint: UATX is strictly within the Enlightenment framework, with no centerpoint of the universe. Pre-1700 scholars were seeking to understand the universe as God’s will. My viewpoint was the same, except that I emphasized Islamic scholars more than Christian.

I peeked at the UATX website just now, and my major suspicion is verified. The website has a crime-tape banner across the top:

UATX is seeking authorization as a private postsecondary educational institution from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and pursuing accreditation eligibility from an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Until it is accredited, UATX will not offer postsecondary degree programs.

My previous suspicions:

1. They’re seeking accreditation, which is a powerful force toward orthodoxy. The accrediting agencies expect maximum Wokitude. (New and perfect example.)

2. I don’t see a commitment to avoid tenure. After tenure gets up and running, there’s no escape from ever-narrowing orthodoxy.

3. I don’t see a Trinity House motivation loop. If they simply invite the right kind of students, the wrong kind of students WILL get in and ruin the setup. Stings and APs have plenty of Deepstate money, and know how to manipulate the system.

Maintaining an unorthodox purpose against the headwinds of Parkinson bureaucracy and accrediting agencies requires a more specific feedback loop of money for value. Trinity House, working for safe navigation, has been funded by ships safely reaching port, and it has maintained its purpose for 500 years. Funding for this university needs to depend on students safely reaching the port of independent thinking. How? I don’t know, but I’m sure the TWO-WAY OBLIGATION is necessary.

Should be two awards

AIER is giving its annual Intellectual Courage award to Ioannidis. Perfectly deserved. He’s the ONLY member of the demonic NAZI TORTURER Public “Health” cabal who told us FROM THE FUCKING START that the hoaxocaust was a complete violation and reversal of real public health.

Every rational person knew it. Lots of powerless peasants have been shouting about it. The demons also knew it. But only Ioannidis spoke the truth IN power.

Speaking truth TO power is a meaningless empty phrase because power doesn’t have ears. Speaking truth IN power is meaningful and unique.

An auxiliary award should go to Stanford, his employer. There have always been scholars who recognize evil and attempt to speak about it. Most of them are pre-suppressed by the church or university or corporation. The few who go ahead and publish despite the threats are fired and discredited, and sometimes jailed or suicided.

This is NOT new. This is the NORM in academia and journalism. Since 2015 we’ve been in one of the more violent and ferocious phases of suppression. Still not new. It’s cyclical.

Ioannidis said the most heretical thing in the modern world, he said it clearly and correctly and carefully, and STANFORD LET HIM SAY IT. He’s still employed, still writing.

Actuallied up

Normally the press release or abstract of a serious scientific article is better than the article. University publicity departments have some excellent writers. They capture the essence of the dry article and spice it up into an attractive story.

Here’s an exception. It’s a study of engraved rocks in a cave, made 15000 years ago in northern France. The press release says that the heat damage on the stones results from artists working by firelight, and then tells an attractive story about the artistic benefits of firelight.

I got all Actuallied up and started to write my usual PURPOSE-based objections. If there’s heat damage, the stones weren’t just in the cave, they were specifically heated to accomplish a TASK. What might the task be?

….And then I read the real article, which goes into solid detail on all of the known purposes, from bedwarmer to foodwarmer to medicine. It wasn’t about firelight and art.

So I’ll just say Read The Whole Thing. It’s a fine piece of detective work, based on real human PURPOSES, and in this case the press release is poor.

I missed the best part.

The remarkably realistic comment by the Harris Poll included a quote from Ice T. I was enamored of ‘analog people’ and didn’t notice the POWER of Ice T’s suggestion.

It would [be] kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off.

It’s powerful because shutting off is THE NORMAL PURPOSE of buying a company. Rich fuckheads buy a smaller company, then strip its assets and shut it off, leaving the workers out in the cold.

In most cases a hostile takeover is harmful to the real economy, eliminating real products and real services and real SKILLS. Shutting off Twitter would be a rare DEFENSIVE takeover, like using poison to kill a predator. The media and government monsters who use Twitter to manipulate public opinion would have to find other channels, and their power would be slightly disrupted and chaotized for a while.

More Kirn Kibble

Since I’m quibbling with Kirn today, here’s another.

You went to college and want to learn to write well? Here’s a tip. Vanquish from your mind the entire slate of terms you heard only in classes & used only in papers. Ditch “hegemony.” Forget “problematic.” Scuttle “instantiate.”

Excellent and very old advice. Most of the commenters hadn’t heard instantiate, so maybe it should be vanquished on grounds of unfamiliarity.

Still, instantiate has a specific and highly useful meaning, with no proper substitute. It means turn an idea into a physical object or a physical activity. Other Latin-derived languages use realize, literally make real. But English uses realize for sudden comprehension, not for turning an idea into reality. So we needed a word for the Euro realize, and instantiate fills the gap.

Amazing graph

Cited by Batya, this is an AMAZING graph. It’s the percent of NYTimes headlines occupied by each president from Wilson through Biden. Most of the chart is rational and expectable. Presidents who made more news (wars, depressions, scandals) got more headlines. Unexpectedly there’s not much D vs R difference**.

Aside from the regularity, the chart has TWO GIANT AND OPPOSITE OUTLIERS.

Reagan didn’t exist. Perfect Unperson. His name was apparently unprintable and unthinkable.

And Trump is the ONLY president in the last 100 years. His headline total is WAY greater than all the other presidents combined.

= = = = =

** Sidenote: I think you could tease out more regional difference than R vs D difference. NYTimes claims to be national but it’s really local. For instance, LBJ was less headliny than Nixon, despite overlapping years and similar involvement in wars and protests. LBJ was always a Texan. Nixon lived most of his political life in NYC. Reagan was a Californian, never lived in NYC. Trump is NYC and NYC is Trump. Two names for the same monster.

In math,

(% Importance) * (% NYCness) = (% Headlines)