The muddlers are worse than the cancellers

Right now there’s a kerfuffle in literary circles over the “cancelling” of an anthology by Norman Mailer. His son put together some previously unpublished essays and offered them to Random House.

The official story is that a low-level Woke editor at Random House didn’t like Mailer’s currently unfashionable language. Censorship!

No, it’s not censorship. It’s just a consumer choice. Publishers CONSTANTLY reject offered books for all sorts of reasons. In this case a smaller publisher picked up the book, and Mailer’s son will make money from it.

I’ll bet he will make MORE money this way, because smaller publishers tend to pay better royalties. (I speak from experience.)

The reason for the rejection, if true, is irrelevant. Random House simply decided that the trouble wasn’t worth the likely profits, given their scale of operation. When you buy a new Ford instead of an old Jaguar, you’re making the same kind of choice. The Jaguar is dramatic and fun, but it will be in the repair shop most of the time, and the parts will be wildly expensive.

Cancelling is a sin when it’s aggressive and imperialist. When a mob ruins an innocent person who didn’t have any sort of commercial or employment connection with them, it’s a crime, and can be prosecuted as a crime.

The muddlers are trying to decriminalize the real mob action by applying the word to these simple business decisions.

In this case we might not even have muddling, let alone cancelling. The smaller publisher may simply be smart. Censorship has ALWAYS been a great way to publicize a book or movie. Hollywood has been playing this game for 100 years.

Diathermy for food!

From Electronics magazine, Nov 1933.

Note that cooking by HF waves was already familiar in industrial and medical applications. This was the first suggestion of home use for “bun sandwiches”. [Was hamburger trademarked? Apparently not, but cheeseburger was trademarked.]

Restaurants were starting to use HF ovens around 1960. I remember trying an electronic hamburger in a roadside cafe. The oven was fascinating, but the hamburger was too dry and tasted wrong.

If you claim

Even in normal times, life is ROUGH. When most of the world is stuck inside a Nazi torture chamber, life is way beyond rough.

We don’t need more mountains to climb. We don’t need more psychopathic rule-changes. We don’t need more argumentation. We especially don’t need more Pied Pipers.

If you claim to be a different kind of leader, you need to be a different kind of leader. You need to be steady and trustworthy. You need to IGNORE minor differences, not amplify them. Glide over the surface instead of etching the rough spots into sharp relief. Above all you need to show that you can SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of amplifying them. Negative feedback, not positive feedback.

If you claim to offer entertainment, you shouldn’t be “confronting the viewer’s prejudices”. Just fucking entertain.

The first time I realized this distinction was around 1961. My aunt and her family were visiting our family. My parents were solid academic “liberals” of that era, and we were planning to see some highfalutin movie that would “confront our prejudices with complex moral conundra”.

My aunt said: “Nah. Life is hard enough. If I’m going to pay for a movie, I want a break from the trouble, not more trouble.”



Heavy snow shoveling and roof raking today makes me wish for one of these….

Note the coal bin next to the office building. Wonder where they got their coal?

No transitionals

Evo News has yet another article on the failure to find ‘transitional fossils’.

Since I’ve been reviewing and condensing old blog into new blog lately, I’ve acquired a feel for the strata of my viewpoints. There aren’t any transitional fossils in this record either. When I crystallize a new understanding, the viewpoint shifts abruptly.

A similar pattern happens in changes of skill or technology. When a new way of making a telescope or a gun or a radio appears, the industry gradually adopts it.

Telescopes go from alidade to lens in one step, carriages go from horse to engine in one step. There are no telescopes with half lenses, no carriages with 20% of a horse and 80% of an engine.

Some companies continue making the old (living fossils), some make both old and new, and some new companies start fresh with the new.

It’s the same with new ways of composing music or art or literature. The new either takes over or fails. The old continues in some places, and often reaches new heights of perfection just before it collapses. But there are no transitional fossils.

We know how these sudden jumps happen in our own learning and technology. The change happens in MINDS, and even within the MIND there are no transitional neurons. Some sections of memory or limbic system remember the old, just as some companies continue building the old. The sequencers in the cerebellum archive the old skill or the old song, which remains available forever in case the new fails.

But where is the MIND that creates the shift in animal phyla and species? Is the God Studio an itinerant, checking in on various planets from time to time and implanting new genomic ideas?

Who made more fake panics?

This is a quickie. I don’t feel like doing serious links and study.

In 2014 I did a list debunking the Tocqueville “largesse” crap, with considerably more thought and research.

= = = = =

A few days ago I laid down a bet about the Bush family. It’s obvious that all the fake panics since 1990 are Bush products. The 1990 Iraq war and the Carbon Cult version of environmentalism are Bush Senior. 9/11 and the “virus” are Bush Junior.

Before that, which party was mostly responsible for fake panics that “justified” wars and tyrannies? A quick look finds no clear pattern.

The fake “need” for independence in 1775 was before the parties, but it was driven by NYC aristocrats, so might be counted as R.

The same NYC aristocrats generated a panic about agrarian slavery, which was a normal and secure form of employment. NYC hates secure employment, so they carefully assembled and staged “terrorists” and “moral leaders” in Kansas to get the war going. Lincoln was the first named R.

We spent several decades recovering from Lincoln’s genocide. The next major fake panic was McKinley(R) in 1898, using the Maine to create an unnecessary war against Spain.

Then Wilson (D) started three panics at once. Lusitania to bring us into the unnecessary war in Europe, “anarchists” to justify the need for the FBI secret police, and Prohibition.

Harding (R) tried to undo two of those panics, but didn’t deal with Prohibition. Deepstate was able to scandalize and effectively remove Harding.

FDR (D) broke all three of Wilson’s panics and broke the NYC capitalists who had been generating the panics.

Truman (D) allowed Deepstate to regrow. The unnecessary entry into Korea wasn’t triggered by a fake panic; it was just sort of automatic.

LBJ (D) used the fake Tonkin incident to get us into Vietnam.

Nixon (R) picked up on the Environmental panic, already running in both hippie and Christian circles, and gave us the EPA.

And that brings us back to Bush.

If we add the Bush crimes, we end up with 7 major starts by R and 4 starts by D. We only have one stopper, one problem-solver, in our entire fucking history. FDR.

The importance of Brand

Brand failures are annoying but ultimately self-leveling.

This one is especially annoying because the brand is trying to create a campaign and a community. Bari Weiss is specifically running an anti-snowflake and anti-canceller brand. This morning she wrote a perfect example of the cancelling impulse. Some obscure Twitter dude expressed an obnoxious opinion, and now she wants the anti-cancellers to get together and cancel him.

Sorry, Bari. When you state a clear and straightforward brand, you can’t have it both ways. Your PURPOSE, the purpose we pay you for, is encouraging people to IGNORE obnoxious opinions, not mobbing up against obnoxious opinions. You could have simply ignored this particular Twitter dude. He wasn’t attacking you, so you had no obligation to respond to him. Ignoring is easier than mobbing, and ignoring doesn’t help to PUBLICIZE the obnoxious opinion.

When the product is free, none of this matters. The content is just sitting there, and you can read it or not. There’s no TWO-WAY OBLIGATION. But when I’m PAYING for a specific PURPOSE, I won’t continue paying for the opposite.

Next day: Withdrew my support just in time. This morning Bari published a piece by Jonah Goldberg, pure Bush family neocon. This pattern is tiresome. Maybe I’m finally learning to spot the Pied Pipers BEFORE they lead the mice into the trap. I’ve been slow and stupid in this department for many years.

Ambiguous, unambiguous

Holmes was found guilty on four of the 11 available fraud charges.

From what Carreyrou has been writing this seems appropriate. The story is a tragedy by the classic literary definition, a potentially decent ruler brought down by one character flaw.

Holmes wasn’t a professional criminal and didn’t go into the project with a purely criminal intention. After discovering her unique honeytrap superpowers she got intoxicated with glory and wealth, and couldn’t stop while she was ahead.

The project ACTUALLY CREATED a real and useful machine. But this wasn’t ambitious or unique enough, and didn’t generate enough Share Value. So she kept pushing the boundaries, pursuing exponential rises and impossible infinities.

So I’m ambiguous about Holmes, but totally unambiguous about the conditions of the trial. The judge and jurors were BOUND AND GAGGED BY THE MOST MONSTROUS AND HOLOCAUSTAL AND GENOCIDAL MEDICAL CRIME IN ALL OF HISTORY, while they were judging this medical quasi-crime.

It’s like a jury of concentration camp inmates convicting one inmate of stealing a coin. They are forced to participate in this grotesque travesty, but the “laws” and “judgments” made under these circumstances are egregiously invalid.

Reviewing Aberree, part 1/7

Since I had to switch away from cancellable Blogspot, I’m taking the opportunity to review and condense several long-running topics. Condensing is important. Most topics continued in scattered form for many months, with gradual learning and adjusting as I wrote and studied and animated. “Correction” footnotes often turned into correct understanding. The final result wasn’t clear from reading the sequence of disconnected items.

= = = = =

This review of Aberree was triggered by Walter Kirn’s praise for the Beat Generation writers. The Beats were superficial compared with more obscure literary and cultural movements of the ’50s. Kerouac and Ginsberg weren’t producing anything new or trying to figure out how life works; they were just consuming entertainment and drugs and alcohol.

In 2017 I happened to encounter one of those obscure movements, unexpectedly centered in my old stomping grounds of Enid. I spent several months exploring it, even doing some real science on my own. The first encounter was purely accidental:

= = = = = START (condensed) REPRINTS:

Looking through another volume of the NW Ayer newspaper almanacs. This one is 1962. Checked Enid and found an unexpected aberree/ation!

Aberree? Metaphysical? 1100 circulation? Huh? Enid and Metaphysical don’t go together.

Turns out to be even more interesting. There’s a tribute site for Aberree, carefully displaying all the pages of all the issues.

Alphia and Agnes Hart put out ten issues a year, from 1954 until Alphia died in ’65. The Aberree started out as an irreverent vector for Hubbard’s original version of Scientology, countering Hubbard’s later cultish and litigious version. Hart expanded to cover a wide variety of unorthodox topics.

The Aberree shows that convention and uniformity weren’t the whole story of the 50s, by a long shot.

Looks like the Harts suffered real harm from the slings and arrows of Hubbard’s lawsuits. In ’62 they worked from a little storefront at 207 N. Wash on the respectable side of downtown, but they lived out by the cemetery on N. Monroe, a couple blocks from a house I rented briefly in ’72 when I was dead broke. Later they gave up the storefront and operated from their garage.

The Aberree wasn’t a mimeographed newsletter. It was professionally done, Vari-Typed and offset, with excellent art on the cover. The Harts did their own printing, plus some side jobs. They specialized in running bulk mailings for local businesses and for their own national ‘offbeat’ clientele.

A sample of Hart’s writing from 1954:

Three Arkansas men have formed a corporation — called the Planet Mars Development Corp. — to subdivide and sell land if and when that planet is reached. In the ABERREE last month, our Martian correspondent said: “kyst b yg k lm zx’t, exerp. tg. mnyt plxmvhy stkr plzth.”

It took 20 U.S. military officers 20 days to burn 35 million dollars in obsolete military money in an incinerator recently. But they’ll learn: two officers in the Pentagon can “burn up” 10 times that in real money in 20 seconds.

Alphia grew up in Lahoma just west of Enid. As far as I can tell his given name was Alphia Omega Hart, which implies that his parents were also a bit unorthodox. Lahoma was the winter quarters for a major circus, which may be correlated. Alphia started work early as a printer’s devil at the Lahoma weekly newspaper, and ended up as a photographer for the Daily Oklahoman from 1936 to 1940. His work is archived at Okla Hist Soc. In WW2 he continued with journalistic work for the Air Force, and was one of the few who personally covered and photographed the Bikini atomic tests. After WW2 he connected with Hubbard in Wichita, and quickly moved into Hubbard’s inner circle. Hubbard moved to Phoenix, changed his doctrines, and tightened up the cult tyranny. Alphia got out and returned home to Enid.

= = = = =

It makes me itchy to think that I lived in Enid for 10 years, ran around in unorthodox circles, worked in printing for a while, yet never heard of the Harts. I was a CITIZEN in Enid, knowing a wide range of people from mayors to mobsters to ministers, and my circle should have overlapped the Hart circle. But it didn’t.

Enid has always given a home to unique worldviews. l’ve never felt like a CITIZEN anywhere else.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Alphia’s life fits the pattern that Batya has been discussing. He didn’t start life with a bachelor’s degree in Critical Journalism Theory. He started setting type at age 14, later became the editor/reporter of the small weekly, then moved to OKC and became a reporter on a big paper.

Journalism was a PHYSICAL TRADE just like plumbing or carpentry. You started out by lifting and melting buckets of lead, and gradually worked up to a position where you could lay out the patterns made by the lead when it struck the paper.

Reviewing Aberree, part 2/7

Before 1700 there wasn’t a distinction between astrology and astronomy. Stargazers with or without telescopes were doing serious observation and real math and real geometry to determine God’s will. This purpose was especially dominant in Islam, the most scientific religion. Stargazers were seeking long-term patterns that were reflected in human lives and human civilizations. They found many such patterns.

The Age of Endarkenment forced all “science” into a secular and purposeless mold with Random replacing God. The split was already evident in the disputes around Galileo and Bruno. We think of the dispute in terms of mathematical centers, which wasn’t the real argument. Geocentric versus heliocentric is NOT a question of right vs wrong, it’s just a question of convenience. One center works better for some calculations, the other works better for others.

The real dispute was between PURPOSEFUL astronomy vs PURPOSELESS astronomy. The PURPOSEFUL branch, which had been offering guidance to people and rulers, lost the battle for Expert Credentials, and eventually decayed into an oversimplified reliance on the Zodiac, which has the flavor of a false flag.

Modern dissidents often get sucked into Deepstate’s false flags that trivialize and stupidize their real concerns.

If the PURPOSEFUL branch of stargazing had continued to develop as a living discipline instead of a flattened triviality, we’d have much better guidance for real decisions. The stargazers would have expanded into observing patterns in the magnetosphere and radiosphere, and would have paralleled those patterns with weather and civilization patterns.

The same split gave us “global warming”. The credentialed experts MEMORYHOLED all previous knowledge of long-term patterns. We are not allowed to look at magnetic field changes. Only the official secular explanations via CO2 and Trump Cooties are allowed.

And now the same split gives us Holocaust Science that EXPLICITLY MEMORYHOLES all knowledge of the long-term patterns of immunity and the natural trends of viruses. We must assume that immune systems never existed, in order to place ALL reliance on the murderers who switch their rationales and procedures every two weeks.

= = = = =

Among all these similar deletions of PURPOSE and GOD and TIME and PATTERN from science, astrology was the first.

Since we’re back in 1000 now, we need to recapture and reanimate the tools that served ordinary people in 1000.

Alphia Hart had written or featured some articles on the theme. Hart tried to favor genuinely unconventional views derived from objective or subjective Nature, avoiding the false flags of his era. He didn’t always succeed, but he did a better job than anyone else.

This remarkably sane and perceptive article was written by Burt Essex. I’ve cut it down some.

Astrology has been a makeshift science. It has hobbled along on less than half its required factors for centuries, and to this day carries with it the assorted crutches and props devised thru the years to shore up its shaky foundations. The foundation has been there all along but much of it undetected, and the house of astrology has meanwhile strayed off into thin air.

As practiced by the Babylonians and Egyptians, it was already thousands of years in decadence, which is the opinion of our most outstanding archeologists based on the ceiling drawings in the tombs of Seti and Senmut, and with the many years of study I have devoted to the subject, I heartily agree.

Back in the time of the Babylonians and Egyptians, and up until only 400 years ago, only five planets in the solar system were known and used in astrological computations. We now have nine sighted planets and two more are tightly computed by this writer after 25 years of patient observation.

There are 12 divisions of the zodiac, with 12 discernible patterns of human behavior. Stop and think what would happen to an equation in algebra or trigonometry if 12 factors were necessary to arrive at an accurate solution and you had only five or six, or maybe seven, factors. To be sure, you might get an answer but it most certainly would not be more than mishmash and a virtually worthless solution.

This is exactly the position astrology has been in for the last 4,000 years. Those who studied the effects of the planets that were known found there was a correlation in human affairs, but for lack of all the basic factors, namely, all the planets of the solar system, their resulting analyses could only be guesses colored by the general knowledge of the one attempting astrology without all the factors necessary to arrive at accurate analyses quickly fell into the hands of mystics and promoters of various religions. The Bible is loaded with allusions to astrological data. Down thru the centuries this decadent astrology was used as a prop for religion and has so confused people that it is now virtually impossible to separate astrology from religious or, worse, socalled ‘spiritual’ connotations. Another contributing factor is that religion usually tries to imbue into its adherents the trust in their particular concept of God (or gods) to guide them in everyday affairs.

Astrology, with its seven (and even now with nine) planets, has also purported to give guidance to its devotees. This places the person exposed to both in a dilemma. The Church has solved this several times by banishing astrology, with justification. The astrologer today, with nine planets, can give some guidance of value in a broad and general way. The individual seeking such guidance, however, should be reminded that the details and daily decisions must be made from inner guidance.

It is from failure that the truly great things in one’s life are learned, and not by asking an astrologer for a life program that would include trivialities such as when to have one’s hair done. It is before the undertaking of action that is to have long-range effect, e. g. the conceiving of a child, the beginning of a corporation, the forming of a partnership, business or marital, that astrology is of great value as by this means one can look ahead at future possibilities before casting the die.

Says it all. I’d only add the other “variables” outside the visual spectrum, like magnetic and electrostatic fields.

Reviewing Aberree, part 3/7

Alphia Hart had a powerful and unique view of copyrights:

Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff — and that there may come a time when you’ll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can’t produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we’re certain no one wants to read tomorrow what we said yesterday and today.

Alphia practiced what he preached, and specified in each issue that his work was NOT to be copyrighted.

I reached a similar conclusion a long time ago in making courseware. The restrictions of ‘digital rights’ get stricter and more tangled every year, but they don’t bother me because I have CONFIDENCE in my own ability to produce new images and animations.

= = = = =

Here’s a corollary which isn’t quite obvious:

If you want to leave a legacy, don’t copyright your work.

Despite his probably fake modesty, Hart did leave a legacy. His work is still eminently worth reading 60 years later.

BUT: If he had copyrighted his work, or even failed to EXPLICITLY turn off the copyright, his legacy would be GONE.

Thanks to recent anti-Hubbard types who found the collection and scanned and uploaded it, all of Hart’s work is readable. If he hadn’t made a point of turning off the copyright, those blessed preservers couldn’t have done their job, and his work would be lost.

A similar situation exists in the recordings of old-time radio. The obscure syndicated shows are better preserved and more available than the big network shows. Why? Because the networks still exist, so a copyright could be enforced. This makes it possible for one of the OTR vendors to play copyright troll games, forcing the other vendors and the free service at to delete items it wants to sell. Even though the one trollish vendor has no inheritance rights to the recordings, the potential of a copyright makes the big network shows harder to find and hear. And because they’re less widely distributed, they’re likely to disappear when that one trollish vendor goes out of business.

A much more important application of this principle was already operating at the time when those radio shows were made. Local stations and small syndicates and small civic orchestras were able to play live music as long as it was classical. Modern copyrighted music could only be played by networks who had enough money to pay the royalties. THEREFORE: Classical music has been performed and enjoyed and remembered much more widely than modern copyrighted music.

We have a dense and constantly performed legacy from composers who worked before copyright laws. Similarly with literature and visual art.

Not everything is great, but some work that was considered trash when written has been appreciated later because it was PRESERVED in some form. PRESERVED work can be revived and re-judged.

When the work is copyrighted, it has much less chance of being preserved and reprinted or replayed, no matter how good or mediocre it is.

Natural law and Sharia law agree: Use it or lose it. Everything in nature is meant to be useful, meant to serve. Copyright prevents use, so copyright guarantees loss.

= = = = =

From personal experience: When a publisher owns exclusive copyright, the publisher may go bankrupt or merge, or it may simply decide to stop selling the item. At that point there’s no automatic procedure to revert the item to public domain, or to return it to the author’s possession. Sometimes a revert contract is written, but big corporations don’t obey laws. They can and will prevent ANYONE from using the material, even though they’re not using the material either. Total and permanent loss.

= = = = =

Note for clarity: Before Disney bought the law in 1996, the US copyright law was less monopolistic. There was no ‘intrinsic’ copyright. You had to register an item specifically if you wanted to claim protection, and the protection was officially turned off when you stopped paying for renewals. There was a solid fence between protected and public domain, so there was less room for monopolistic lawyering.

Reviewing Aberree, part 4/7

Several ‘short takes’ by Hart.

= = = = =

On vaccination. Note especially that I was writing this item in May of 2019, before vax became the ONLY RELEVANT TOPIC IN THE FUCKING WORLD.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Via ZeroHedge:

On the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia, a cruise ship belonging to the Church of Scientology has been quarantined after a case of measles turned up on board, according to the NYT.

Several high profile Scientologists have spoken out against vaccines in the past, despite the church saying it “takes no position one way or the other on [the] issue”.

Is this a new or atypical tendency? Nope.

A quick search of the Aberree shows several diatribes against vaccination from Hubbardite writers in the ’50s. This isn’t new or atypical.

Here’s part of a diatribe from 1957:

As with similar modern diatribes, there’s a LOT of truth in the major point about public health and Big Pharma profit. BUT: Vaccination was KNOWN TO WORK long before Big Pharma came along, and vaccination STILL WORKS.

It’s genuinely hard to separate this one exception from the major rule, but we have to separate it if we want to survive.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In 2021 I’d have to phrase the exception differently. It turns out that Hubbard and Hart were mainly correct. Vaccination still works for REAL viruses, but the REAL viruses are mostly extinct now. Polio and smallpox are gone, and measles is extremely rare. For the FAKE epidemic, vax has become just another addictive drug like all the “psychiatric” drugs, carefully designed to require constant and increasing doses to maintain your officially diagnosed “test” status. Hubbard was strongly and importantly correct about psychiatry and addiction, but used his correct analysis to replace psychiatry by his own form of addictive therapy.

= = = = =

On Deepstate:

Several Aberree articles in the early 50s talked about FBI’s interest in Hubbard’s cult. FBI penetrated as usual, presumably intending to create “subversives” as usual. According to Hart, their agent failed to gain control of the organization and pulled out. A rumor claimed that the agent went crazy, but it’s not clear who was meant to benefit from the rumor.

Here I noted an episode of the official FBI radio program that was aimed at a thinly disguised Hubbard. An “Astral Control” cult is hypnotizing its followers and using them to perform crimes. The script openly approves the Hubbard character and openly mocks a friend of a cultist who is worried about the cult’s KIDNAPPING. (Remember, KIDNAPPING was supposedly FBI’s main jurisdiction.) The episode is clearly giving Hubbard a green light. Perhaps Hubbard managed to out-blackmail old Lady Edgar? Or perhaps the FBI agent DID take over, turning the cult into a tame Pied Piper for certain personality types?

= = = = =

On MK Ultra:

A letter in the Nov 1955 Aberree mentions something written in another anti-Hubbard journal:

Relevant text: The vague reference to a ‘person or persons unknown’ feeding insanity-producing drugs, especially that tidbit of the psychiatrist of ‘russian origin’…

Since this is a vague reference to a vague reference, it’s hard to place in context, but the date and flavor lead me to think that rumors of MKULTRA were circulating in offbeat parts of the culture. MKULTRA was going strong in late ’55. The ‘russian origin’ strengthens the CIA connection since CIA has ALWAYS attributed its own demonic evil to ‘russian origin’.

Reviewing Aberree, part 5/7

Aberree on health foods and health fads, written in Oct 2017.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Aberree provides a nice match-point for offbeet thoughts and products. Sometimes the modern version has become fashionable again, sometimes it remains equally dubious, sometimes it has become CRIMETHINK.

One product heard on all the second-string talk shows this year is beet juice. The show hosts are required to pretend that they use beet juice daily and gain all sorts of physical and spiritual virtues from it.

Let’s compare. Aberree, March 63:

All familiar and all wrong.

‘Organically grown’ was not a common phrase in 1963. Early adopter! Note the supposed superiority of ‘fiber removed’, along with ‘live, raw, unheated’. The offbeet view of 1963 has become the conventional view now, but it’s still wrong. Both disagree with recent actual science which hasn’t quite made it into modern conventional understanding.

We’re finally returning to an MUCH OLDER realization that removing the fiber removes the nutrition. Digestion requires work. If you don’t give the enzymes and gut bacteria some fiber to chew on, they won’t bother to digest the ‘pure’ chemicals for you.

The conventional idea that heating ruins nutrition is mostly wrong, but varies with types of food. In most cases cooking ‘opens up’ or creates nutrients through chemical reactions.

This is one case where Grandma (circa 1920) was already wrong. Great-grandma was more likely to have it right.

= = = = =

In the era around 1960 when Aberree was active, I was strictly conventional and “scientific”, didn’t pay any attention to non-standard thoughts and products. The only new-agey product I knew about was Cosmic Disks. The father of one of my classmates sold them. Cosmic Disks looked like rose rocks, and were supposed to ‘reverse the counterclockwise vibrations’ of your water and food. Just right for Aberree, and sold in Kansas. I fully expected to find several Cosmic Disk dealers advertising in Aberree, perhaps including the one I knew. Nope. No mention of the product at all.

This ‘D-cell catalyst’ is the closest advertised product. Seems to have the same purpose but doesn’t sound like the same shape of object.

= = = = =

Experimenting is a constant theme in Aberree. The authors write about their own experiments with devices, chemicals and techniques, and the advertisers invite experimentation. Compare with modern paid “scientists” who rarely talk about experimenting and NEVER invite people to try shit or experiment with techniques. Everything is locked down in advance. All results are known before the grant proposal is written. You are NOT allowed to experiment unless you have the correct degrees and credentials and licenses and NDAs and grants and ethics compliance boards and diversity compliance administrators and EPA stormtroopers watching and documenting every action.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Note “locked down in advance”, and “stormtroopers”. Horribly prophetic.

Reviewing Aberree, part 6/7

Here’s where I did some actual science!

First in August 2017:

Earlier I had redrawn Volney Mathison’s electropsychometer circuit, which was stolen by Hubbard to create his fake religion. I speculated that it would be more interesting with a zero-center meter instead of Volney’s one-way meter protected by diode. Redrew it again, substituting NPN transistors for the tubes, 18-volt power for 250-volt power, and eliminating the diode. Some of Volney’s suggested R values aren’t standard, so I sub’d the usual 20% standard values.

Built it on my usual breadboard using a zero-center meter. After fiddling with the pots, sure enough it works as specified.

Body resistance registers on the meter. In other words, it’s a bridge-style ohmmeter. Not surprising at all, but it’s nice to verify WITH ACTUAL EXPERIMENT that Volney’s ckt does what it’s meant to do! Also the pots do what the patent says they do. One is balance, other is sensitivity.

Next I’ll try to rejigger it as differential, with an electrode for each side of the body and a centerpoint on the neck.

= = = = =

Volney’s own use of the meter strongly implied a zero-center pattern, even though the meter itself was one-sided. So in some sense I’m retrofitting Volney’s meter to match Volney’s philosophy. Of course it was mostly** hooey, but Volney was vending harmless hooey, which helped some people to loosen up and solve their own problems. Hubbard used the same hooey to create a vicious Mafia that harnessed people to enrich and empower Hubbard. Crucial difference.

= = = = =

And then I resumed in March 2018 after getting busy with courseware.

= = = = =

I decided to build it into a proper box, with meters and switches and pots mounted permanently. Along the way I realized that the box would be far more useful as a general breadboard lab setup, so I swerved in that direction. The box is a nice lab for all sorts of tube and transistor stuff, with dual-voltage A and B supplies. After long distraction by purposeful work and winter and medical crap, I got it done, and then built the differential Volney on the breadboard.

Here’s the box:

Here is one of my slipknot electrodes, made of desoldering braid**. The two diff inputs go on wrists, the center ground goes on neck.

I tried it out, and got nice sensitive diff motion on the meters. One meter shows the side-to-side diff, and the other shows the mean current drawn by both.

BUT: Before I could settle into an experimental mode, I realized the applied voltage was painful on both the wrists and neck, and I could also tell that the voltage was starting to affect brain and heart. Possibly getting into the vagus nerve. I switched off quickly and gave up the attempt.

QUESTION: Aside from the differential aspect, this setup applies roughly the same voltage and current to the body as Volney’s original tube version. The E-meter, after Hubbard took it over, was considered to be a passive “auditor” in Hubbardese. It wasn’t advertised as an active shaper of brain and heart function. When the “therapist” adjusted the E-meter, was he really adjusting the stress response of the victim? I have to say YES.

More specifically, this was in fact an electrotherapy device, not a measuring device. Earlier electrotherapy devices always had controllable current, and the therapists constantly monitored and asked the patient about discomfort. Mathison’s device didn’t have a current adjustment.

Reviewing Aberree, part 7/7

Aberree on experiential education.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Alphia Hart constantly recommended examining your own ideas, but he didn’t always succeed in examining his own. Along with a preponderance of powerfully original and unique thoughts, he sometimes let out a standard “liberal” thought, as in this 1957 editorial….

In this case the expectors were right and Hart was wrong. Professional criminals CAN be expected to commit more crimes. At that time medical and actuarial statistics were good predictors because the profits of insurers and hospitals depended on good prediction. Now, of course, the profit motive no longer exists and sanity is LONG gone from penal policy and medical policy, so stats are no longer reliable.

Hart didn’t seem to have much contact with the shady end of society (which may explain why my social circle didn’t overlap his!) so he wouldn’t have a lot of experience with pro criminals.

He did have direct experience with the A-bomb. He did his WW2 service as a journalist for the Air Force, writing training films and press releases. He was one of the few journalists who directly witnessed and photographed the Bikini atomic test.

Thus his thoughts about bombs are informed by experience:

My experience vs idiocy pattern is the exact opposite. I had early and direct experience with professional criminals, but no experience of bombs or war. So I was able to embrace globalist wars with enthusiasm until I unplugged the TV and started thinking; but I was never susceptible to globalist lies about prison and criminals.

Less delicately: When you’ve had criminals up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about criminals. When you’ve had A-bombs up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about bombs.


= = = = =

Hart’s theory about synchronous hate influencing weather was fanciful at the time, but three separate developments in knowledge and technology make it more plausible now.

1. Neurology is getting a better picture of how the brain works. It’s not digital and it’s not separate filing cabinets. Nothing is static, everything is flowing. Think of one million people watching Miss Anderson Cooper screeching up RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING. Inside each of those one million viewers, one billion** synapses are firing off transient electrical impulses in synchrony.

2. Since 1957 TV has grown infinitely more expert at synchronizing with brain patterns. The six-second rhythm phase-locks large portions of your brain to the visual and audial input.

3. Meteorology and bacteriology are converging on one BIG AND CONSEQUENTIAL set of facts. Bacteria shape clouds and ocean currents, and bacteria respond to electromagnetic fields.

You don’t need metaphysics or ‘butterfly-chaos’ stuff. You’ve got an evil intentionally phase-locked driving force mechanically leveraging 10^15 synapses in perfect synchrony, and you’ve got uncountable numbers of bacteria capable of sensing a massive electromagnetic field. The connection isn’t definite but it’s damned plausible.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I’ve been exploring those magnetic fields and influences in 2021.