Shrier’s speech

Abigail Shrier stated a simple obvious fact and got slammed by all the Cool People. She then tried to give a speech about her book at Princeton and had to give it in a private home with no cameras allowed. (But it’s worth remembering that she wasn’t jailed or officially punished, just socially punished.)

Bari Weiss got Shrier to repeat the speech for the record. This speech is salient because Shrier is an elite progressive female Princeton alumna speaking to elite progressive female Princeton students. She’s not coming from a “problematic” male or conservative or working-class position. She focuses sharply on the trannies who invaded Princeton’s female athletics, depriving the real female athletes of the rewards they deserved after a lifetime of hard work and training. A fake theory and a fake definition enabled the fake “females” to STEAL work and skill and discipline.

Here’s the speech.

I wrote a comment under it, and will repeat and slightly expand the comment here for my records.

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The centerpoint of the speech is that crazy ideas are not pushed for the sake of pure theory. They are pushed by CHEATERS to make CHEATING easier.

This also applies to the broader notions of “rights” and meritocracy and “democracy”. These fake ideas enable the top caste to subjugate the peasants much more easily, with no possible argument.

The standard line from the cheaters is “It’s not unfair, you’re just not trying hard enough.”

In fact caste is real and permanent, just as gender is real and permanent. Life works better when everybody understands the basic facts of life. Pre-enlightenment cultures work better, and allow less cheating, because the culture is built on facts.

The cheat is easy to see with “female” swimmers, but not quite so easy when the aristocrats tell unemployed factory workers that they just need to learn AI. No, they can’t. They are not built to be programmers, and programmers are not built to be factory workers. Transing across this boundary isn’t possible.

Blaming and framing the victims is an essential part of every traditional scam and con game. When you think you’re on the wrong side of the law, you aren’t going to call the cops or examine the mechanism that made the scam possible.


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