The tired old Klaatu story

Via MindMatters, NASA is studying how to use “aliens” to replace religion with science. This replacement has been a constant theme of Deepstate-loving scifi writers. Alien Avenging Angels descend to Earth and cleanse it of redneck crackers and holy rollers, leaving only the Official Doctors And Scientists alive and in charge.

The only problem with this demonic Rapture myth** is that the people who claim to have actual conversations with aliens are always redneck crackers and holy rollers.

Maybe the aliens know more about religion and humanity than the scientists do.

In reality this is NOT about science vs religion, this is two competing religions. NASA belongs to the Robespierre tradition of all-consuming OCD Ubermenschen. The Ubermensch religion has been trying to obliterate the older god-based religions since 1789, but filthy little god-based redneck cracker hillbilly three-toothed bible-thumping LOSER religions just keep popping up like ants, requiring constant scrubbing and disinfecting.

In reality humans are built to resonate with a god-based universe. We can be forced by weapons and psyops to OBEY the omnicidal Emperor-Doctors like Marat and Fauci, but compliance is not belief.

= = = = =

**The newest version of the Rapture myth is more like the Revelations version. Instead of disinfecting the earth, the Ubermenschen fly to Mars and create a new CLEAN STERILE LOSER-FREE earth for themselves. They’ve already built their rockets.

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