The rule holds

I’ve been observing a peculiar paradox for several years. People who have a sternly realistic and objective view of NEARLY all parts of life are pure gullible suckers for Bitcoin.

Here’s a thinker with the best and clearest view of all the fakery in all branches of math and science and philosophy. Steve Patterson hits all the balls out of the park. From Cantor to Hilbert to Bohr to Einstein to Turing to Rand to Fauci, he sees through all the nonsense and speaks all the obvious truth. Nobody does a better job.

So I knew what was coming, and sure enough here it is. Patterson is a fanatical Bitcoin cultist and salesman.

The rule hasn’t failed yet.

= = = = =

Calibrating for clarity as usual: I’m NOT claiming to be the only 100% realist. I’m realistic about science and math, including Bitcoin, but I’m an incurable sucker for political frauds. Every fake populist or fake revolution fools me. I never learn.

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