From April ’64 Sponsor magazine, a reminder that cameras everywhere are a recent phenomenon. If you wanted to record video remotely in 1964:

Portable (in a van)! Roll-in (with two big guys to lift it)! Pocket-size (if your name is Gulliver)!

The van is what really caught my eye. The artist montaged pieces of several existing vans. In April 1964 the choices were VW, Econoline, Chevy Corvan, and Chevy’s new front-engine van. Dodge didn’t enter the market until ’65. This is a front-engine van. The windshield seems to be from Chevy, the front and middle doors from VW, and the rear quarter from Econoline. This imagined van, with grille between the headlights, looks happier than the real vans with grumpy downlow grilles. Oddly, the result presages VW’s much later Vanagon, which started in 1979.

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