Everybody’s gettin into da act.

Since I disconnected from TV and radio, I’m no longer getting constant IV floods of media toxin. But I can still recognize the floods by an occasional oversplash.

Most of the “independent” “journalists” have suddenly turned neocon again. Non-intervention is fine when China or Saudi or Israel is invading other countries. Non-intervention goes out the window when BOOGEYMAN invades other countries, even when it’s repossessing its own territory from our theft.

As with the “virus”, and then the long deadly “holy” protests in June 2020 and then the brief stupid “unholy” protest in Jan 2021, everybody is converging to Deepstate.

This feels closest to the summer “holy” riots, with every governmental unit and corporation sending out official solidarity statements.

Spokane’s city “government” has sent out a solidarity statement, which actually makes sense from one viewpoint. About 10% of our population is ex-Soviets who came here in the 90s after we busted up the Union. Many of those ex-Soviets were from Ukraine.

But it makes no sense when you examine the timeline. Those people were refugees because WE INVADED THE SOVIET UNION. They left because WE CREATED CHAOS AND STARVATION. The city’s proclamation implies that they left because Russia invaded Ukraine in 1990, which is a perfect reversal of history.

Who was mainly responsible for busting up the USSR? The Bush family. The same family that brought us 9/11, 2008, and the “virus” holocaust.

This is the year of their glorious zombie resurrection, complete with Dick The Baptist rolling away the rock and mysteriously appearing on the floor of Congress where all the disciples could touch his rotting flesh.

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