Should have stuck with SW

Still on info input and output….

Censorship is all about info inputs, and the criterion is caste, not content. Correct Persons are allowed to insert their info into the closed-circuit web. Incorrect Persons are not allowed to input.

We’ve been conditioned to assume that Twitter and Google and Apple are the ONLY channels. Simply and flatly untrue.

Landline phones still work. Paper mail still works. Shortwave radio still works. Those three channels are NOT strictly moderated by Twitter and Google. Your phone can be tapped and your mail can be intercepted, but those don’t happen automatically and universally. Those interceptions require expensive labor and expensive “legal” procedures, so they’re fairly rare.

It’s especially unfortunate that commercial and national propagandists abandoned shortwave. RT has been totally disconnected by our Deepstate system. Before the web, Radio Moscow was able to blast through our jammers. Shortwave is a ‘soft’ analog system, depending on the vagaries of atmospheric conduction and reflection, and received through real human perception. Thus jamming is never complete and constant. In a digital system it’s easy to block and control all channels, and there’s no way for human perception to ‘look through’ the blockage.

And of course before Deepstate’s 1946 rebirth, WE WEREN’T JAMMING AT ALL. We had confidence in our economy and our culture. We ENCOURAGED ‘informed citizens’ to listen on shortwave and compare Russian and German propaganda with our own propaganda.

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