Same both ways

I’ve noted before that UFOs were a perfect reversal of the normal “threat” mechanism.

Normally a government feels the need for more power and murder and profit, so it makes up a “threat”. Terrorists, subversives, foreign “attacks” on ships, cyber “attacks” on computers, “viruses”, “toxins”, ad infinitum. Government then creates a stageplay, sometimes totally mythical, sometimes baiting a “terrorist” or a foreign government into performing the “attack” we need.

Ordinary people DO NOT SEE A THREAT OR RISK BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A THREAT OR RISK. Government needs to promote the stageplay with endless advertising to gin up the “need” for a genocide or a torture chamber or a war.

UFOs were uniquely inverse. Ordinary people were seeing unusual scary stuff, and government wanted to persuade us that NOTHING was there.

In the current “virus” hoaxocaust we have massive evidence that the demons know it’s fake. If they thought it was a real epidemic, they would be protecting themselves MORE than the peasants. Instead, they’re strangling us while they breathe the fresh non-viral air.

Frank Edwards paid attention to the knowledge factor. He had access to some Air Force documents for internal use, which showed that the Air Force KNEW unusual things were flying around and landing. He held up this knowledge against the public reassurances that we’re only seeing Venus and Jupiter.

Memo from the Inspector General to Base Commanders, 12/24/59:

UFO investigators sent out from Air Bases should be equipped with binoculars, camera, Geiger counter, magnifying glass, and containers to store samples.

They knew UFOs were sometimes radioactive, but they didn’t know what the UFOs were made of. They wanted to know so they could imitate the superior technology.

No matter which side is material and which side is stagecraft,


= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote since I’m doing old/new parallel: Frank Edwards was somewhat parallel to Joe Rogan. In 1954 Edwards was one of the top three radio newscasters, with 13 million listeners. He respected the intelligence of his working-class audience and presented interesting items to exercise their minds. UFOs were just one of the interesting subjects. The Air Force extorted his union sponsor by moving defense contracts to non-union companies. The union had to survive by kicking Edwards out. Edwards knew he had a massive audience, so he switched mode to short radio features and books, and continued pleasing his audience and making money.

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