Borodin in Bitcoin

Back when I was listening to shortwave, I noticed that Radio Moscow had a habit of switching to heavy classical music like Borodin and Khachaturian when the regime was in turmoil. I called it the Borodin Effect and began noticing it in other situations.

When the media’s script doesn’t have a Correct Line for an important event, the media goes silent about the event or switches to irrelevance and trivia. (See also Frank Edwards’s analysis of the media’s SAFE ZONE.)

Today I was looking in the usual Youtube places for reactions to the perfectly predictable death spiral of the bitcoin world. (Black Monday, or in modern terminology Weekday Experiencing Colour.)

Almost nothing. In normal times, about 99% of Youtube stock and bitcoin “analysts” are simply saying BUY! BUY! BUY! BUY! BUY! in various accents. Today they can’t even manage one BUY!

Update: Next day, the BUYBUYBUYs caught their breath and resumed as BUYTHEDIPs, led of course by the lunatic Cathie Wood. Never trust a woman who smiles with her lower teeth.

My musical response is the opposite of the Borodin Effect.

This brief mocking laugh is clearly classical, and uses instruments brilliantly to create the effect. It was found in an obscure 1953 radio program as a theme for the show’s Lemon Award. So far I haven’t managed to identify it. Rossini? Puccini? Leroy Anderson?

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